How to Apply Icon Packs on Android

  • Action launcher
  • Nova launcher
  • Apex launcher
  • Go Launcher EX
  • Smart launcher

Icon packs are one the coolest ways to customize an Android device. The Play Store is flooded with well designed icon packs from a host of designers and developers. And while it’s not a hard thing to download and apply an Icon pack, it’s neither an easy thing for the less techie among us.

How to apply icon packs?

Download and install an Icon pack from the Play Store first. If you don’t have a particular choice, you can give a try to this free Icon pack:

► Simple Rounds Icon pack (free)

Now to be able to apply an icon pack you need to install a third-party launcher on your device. There are a handful lot of launchers available on the play store that allow you to customize app icons. We’ve listed the top and our favorites in the list below to make it easier for you to choose a launcher to begin with.

Follow the steps provided for the launcher you choose to install from the list below to apply an icon pack.


  1. Open Action Launcher’s Settings page
  2. Tap ‘Display
  3. Tap ‘Icon pack‘ and select your preferred icon pack from the list shows up


  1. Open Nova launcher’s ‘Settings‘ page
  2. Tap ‘Looks and feel
  3. Tap ‘Icon Theme‘ and select your preferred icon pack from the list that shows up


Icon packs are a part of overall theming in Apex launcher which also includes wallpapers, fonts, skins along with app icons. It’s possible to mix elements from different themes though like Icon pack from one theme, wallpaper from another and skin from yet another theme. Let’s see how to change the Icon packs:

  1. Open Apex launcher’s ‘Settings‘ page
  2. Tap ‘Theme settings
  3. Now select the theme you want to use the Icon pack from.
    icon-info-circle The Icon packs you download from Play store will appear as themes in Apex launcher.
  4. Once you’re on a theme’s page, select the things you want to apply from that theme. For Icon pack, just select the ‘Icon pack‘ checkbox and hit Apply


Like Apex launcher, Icon packs are part of themes in Go Launcher as well. Icon Packs installed from the Play Store appears in Themes section of the Go Launcher. Let’s see how to apply them:

  1. Tap and hold on any empty space on your Go launcher home screen to make the customization section appear at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select ‘Theme‘ from the bar at bottom, then again tap ‘Theme
  3. Now select the Icon pack you want to apply and you’re done


  1. Open Smart launcher’s ‘Preferences‘ page
  2. Tap on the ‘Settings‘ Icon lined along with Theme (screenshot)
    Smart Launcher Settings
  3. Scroll a bit and select ‘Theme drawer‘, and then choose the Icon pack you want to apply

As said before, we’ve mentioned here only the few launchers that we like the most, but there are more launchers available on the Play Store with support for Icon packs and theming. You may want to check out those as well.


If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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