AOSP Android 4.0 ROM for Galaxy S: Codename Android


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  • Mmariah0101

    My battery gets drained off easily…:(

  • Leevi Ontronen

    CNA doesn’t find my sd card. :(

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      The SD card is mounted as /emmc instead of /sdcard/external_sd on CNA and other AOSP ROMs.

  • mahmudk69

    Although the Samsung has sidelined the SGS GT I9000 with regard to providing with the Ice Cream Sandwitch,the develpoers constantly try to cater to the owners of this powerful phone the ICS sweetness! But none of the abundant ICS based ROMs come out for the GTI9000 is fully functional and bug-free.  I think, as a user of the GT I9000, the Samsung should concentrate on making a GB based ROM which will render both the style and full performance of the ICS to compensate for their negligence of the SGS GT I9000. 

    Hi Kapil, what would you say if I am waiting for a Jelly Beans for my SGS GT I9000.
    Mahmud K

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      These ROMs are made from Android’s sources, modified to be able to run on the SGS. While open source, some stuff like camera drivers, gpu drivers, RIL (radio interface link drivers) are not open source, so these and some other things cannot be fully fixed as alternatives are used for those. 

      The limitation of all single core Samsung devices is that the system partition is too small, which makes it difficult to put ICS along with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, so they decided not to upgrade them to ICS. Samsung never neglected SGS, it’s one of few phones that had the chance to see two major Android upgrades (Froyo and Gingerbread). The main problem was that Samsung said they’ll think of it, then backed away. They should have simply said no instead of giving hope to people like that. Samsung could put stock ICS on SGS, but that would mean a whole new learning experience, which majority of users are uncomfortable with. SGS is also too old a device to keep upgrading, Samsung has done enough for it.

      In the end, ROMs like these are what you need to get the latest Android experience, even if they do come with some problems. And we’re pretty sure Jelly Bean will come as well :)

      • mahmudk69

        Thank you Abhijeet and Kapil. Perhaps the developers didn’t aware of the requirements of the ICS and limitations of the GT I9000 when they said that the I9000 would get the cream! Many like me became like a child offered and denied of the ice cream…!!

        Mahmud K

    • Kapil

      Well I agree with Abhijeet — bringing stock ICS will totally alter the experience, and even though it will be for good for rom flashers like us, it’s not acceptable for majority of people. And by majority, I mean more than 95% of people who bought i9000.

      Think of someone older around you, who’s not that good on tech things, how would he or she feel if TW3 with Gingerbread changes to stock ICS in a matter of hour upon tapping the update button. It will be a new learning experience for a novice, the dialer, people app, no-swipe calling/messaging, etc. App uninstallation would change and everything else.
      And with TouchWiz ICS update is pretty hard thing to do, let’s leave that like that.

      You know, it’s good the way it is. You want ICS, get a custom ROM. You don’t want, stay with jvu. Galaxy S has already seen some real nice updates and has come a long way since it launched on Android 2.1.

      About Jellybean, well, it’s simple — custom roms to the rescue. But things will change. You will be sporting a shiny Galaxy S3 (and me too, hopefully) and you wouldn’t care much about whether Galaxy S gets JB or not. People don’t care whether original Droid is getting ICS or not. I loved my Galaxy Spica a lot but what would I do of ICS on that when I know it cannot run it.
      You know, I’m pretty much excited about Jellybean. Maybe, Jellybean will
      change things, with its rumored dual-boot OS thing. Among other things, it
      will also allow manufacturers to put pure stock android UI on their phones
      together with their own custom UI, which should be gr8… oh btw, I think
      Asus has already done with one of its phone last year.

      Anyway, let’s have fun with ICS custom roms on S1. If the new android
      version can easily run on good old firmwares, then it simply means there
      hasn’t been much development in the OS — and you have seen that (hint:
      iOS). iOS got one new feature in Siri and even iPhone 4 didn’t get that in
      update. Reason: insufficient hardware. So, umm, you get my point, right?

      So, again, it’s good the way it is (and I’m not singing)!!!