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Milestone 5 of AOKP — It’s Released and Ready for Your Flashing!


Another milestone has been achieved gentlemen! After numerous builds (7 to be exact) and a plethora of bug fixes and new features, the latest major stable version of AOKP, Milestone 5, has been released for all supported devices. A lot of features and fixes have been incorporated between milestone 4 and milestone 5, the most major change being the update to Android 4.0.4.

Here’s a look at the changes in Milestone 5:

  • updated to IMM76I
  • fixed long press home on navigation bar being on by default
  • fixed volume zoom playing sounds with video camera
  • made flash-off indicator visible in camera
  • AVRCP: fixed soft reboots with certain players
  • fixed brightness slider jumping when toggling auto-brightness
  • sped up opening of init.d tweaks in RC
  • added description to LED setting on RC to be clearer on what it does
  • attempted to fix freezing clock yet again
  • fixed wifi icon being cut off
  • fixed color multipliers being doubled
    • new gamma ranges from -100 to 100 defaulting to 0
    • your kernel (if it supports gamma tuning) might have a different default, so just keep that in mind (60 was the previous default)
  • fixed small icons when airplane mode & wifi are enabled
  • added shortcuts to toggle torch & toggle navbar, that means you can add these to nav bar as regular actions or long press actions, click “Custom app”, scroll down to “System UI”, toggle nav bar & torch should be there.
  • Fixed decrease lights in custom backlight settings
  • a500 renamed to picasso and updated, everything should work now except slow GPS lock times

An important thing to note here. This list of changes is the differences between build 34 and milestone 5, so if you’re coming from milestone 4, you’ll have to read the changes in every build released between the two milestones. Also, it has been strongly recommended by the AOKP team that if you’re updating directly to milestone 5 from milestone 4, you should perform a data wipe (in recovery) before doing so as the update to Android 4.0.4/milestone 5 is quite a major one.

So, head over to the official release page of Milestone 5 on AOKP’s website, and download it for your device (if it’s officially supported), and don’t forget to flash the Google apps (gapps) package as well after flashing milestone 5. Some officially supported devices still have a few bugs, so read through the notes on the release page carefully. Do share your thoughts on how the latest AOKP milestone ROM works for you, in the comments below.

  • DDubb

    I see a million downloads on this page. All except for the Milestone 5! WTF? dude?

  • Bert_chc

    hi, you know when they say ‘make a nandroid’, what does it actually mean?

    • Kapil

      That is simple making a backup using clockworkmod recovery. In cwm recovery, go to backup and restore and then select backup.

  • Tshepo Makgohlo

    Does this have google Apps pack???

    • Kapil

      You have to download the gapps separately, it’s not included in the rom itself. Download the gapps from the same page you download the AOKP rom — Look for gapps at the bottom of list. Download it too and flash after you’ve flashed the AOKP rom from recovery.

  • Jussi

    instructions on how to flash when I’m coming from CM9 Build 15? I’m new to flashing. :) thank you.

    • Jussi

       I have a galaxy s i9000.. sorry, forgot to mention :D

  • Ved Vernekar

    flashed… so far, so good :D

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