AOKP Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Droid Bionic


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  • JM

    Several bugs.
    -4G never worked. 3G will only work for about a day. The only thing I can do to get it to work again is clear the Dalvik Cache.
    -If you leave bluetooth enabled but not connected to a device you will not be able to hear anything while on a phone call.
    -The capacitive buttons on the front will sometimes stay on all the time. You have to adjust the brightness slider to get them to go off.
    -Battery level on lock screen shows 100% after initial boot.

    Too bad, I like the ROM but will have to try something else because of these bugs.

  • Joe Mama

    Works awesome, thanks!!

  • Jonah

    Is there a specific reason that SafeStrap, rather than BootStrap, is needed for this?

  • Epik56

    how do you sbf back to stock, please? Don’t have the fxz (sbf) file.. where can i get it, that is not shut down…

    • B

      All you have to do is disable safe mode (assuming you made a backup of your stock from) and it will restore itself back to stock