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AOKP Build 35 Released!


Even a milestone doesn’t make the AOKP developer team stop for a rest, as they continue to try and make AOKP ROM better and better. Build 35 of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 based AOKP ROM has been released for all supported devices, merely two weeks after the last stable version, Milestone 5, was released (Milestones are stable versions, while the builds in between are incremental updates).

Here’s the official list of changes and fixes in build 35:

  • Removed Facebook sync (this had to happen. it was a hack and breaking Picasa sync. FB needs to fix this, not ROMs)
  • Added ability to hide sender and/or message body in notification’
  • Added dock battery display for tablets
  • Added Browser tab settings (max tab limit/whether to restore tabs on browser restart)
  • Added CM9 T-Mobile theme manager
  • Added Sense 4 style Task switcher (you have the option of choosing from stock/web os/sense 4 now)
  • Added ability to play boot sound (disabled by default)
  • Increased default nav bar glow speeds for better user experience out of the box
  • Tons of device specific updates and fixes. check here to see all of the latest code we’ve merged
  • Updated p5/p5wifi device trees from GalaxianSoup.
  • Added toroplus (CDMA Galaxy Nexus) (data will not work after flashing, just flash ANY other kernel after flashing b35. we’re working on it
  • Goo Manager won’t be able to detect an upgrade this build

A thing to note here. You must download the Google Apps (Gapps) package from the download page and flash that along with the ROM, as AOKP itself doesn’t include Google apps like the Market, Talk, Gmail, etc. due to licensing issues.

So, head on over to the official AOKP Build 35 release page, and download it for your device (if it’s officially supported), and don’t forget to flash the Google apps (gapps) package as well after flashing build 35. Unsupported devices should be getting unofficial ports soon, so check your device’s XDA forums for those. If you do update, share your thoughts on how the latest AOKP build works for you, in the comments below.

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