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AOKP Build 33 Released. Milestone 5 Coming Soon!


The development on AOKP ROM, which brings Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 to a lot of devices, sure seems to be going at a fast pace. Build 33 of AOKP has now been released for all officially supported devices, just a few days after build 32 showed up. It brings along a slew of fixes as always along with a few new features.

Check out the list of fixes and new features below:

Bug Fixes

  • Bluetooth: Fixed memory leak and file handles leak
  • Nav bar & tablet status bar FCs fixed
  • Fixed some init.d scripts not running due to lack of bash
  • Changing brightness by sliding on the top of the statusbar (if enabled) shouldn’t FC anymore
  • Fixed Data toggle not updating properly
  • Torch should be acting normally again
  • ROM Control: Fixed scrolling cache not setting properly
  • Weather will refresh whenever SystemUI starts instead of when the phone boots (so if it gets restarted, it should fetch Weather again, it didn’t before)
  • Lockscreens: Added lockscreen wallpapers to pin & pattern unlock screens
  • Settings: fixed link mute states always being checked
New Features
  • Added another ROM Control shortcut that opens ROM Control
  • Added ability to translate weather conditions (only German is translated for now I think)
  • Mms: added ability to strip unicode (CM)
  • Mms: added emoji icons (CM)
  • Mms: added quick emoji button to left of input (option you must enable)
  • Added warnings to fast charge (will notify you if it’s enabled on boot)
  • Hide navbar feature for tablets
  • More music players supported for AVRCP 1.3

The next stable version of AOKP aka Milestone 5 has been delayed a little as the development team wants it to be as stable as it possibly can be. Also, not many new features will be showing up till Milestone 5 is released, as the team is focusing on fixing existing issues for now.

So, as always, in case you have one of the officially supported devices, head over to the build 33 release page on the AOKP website to download it for your device. Do let us know how it works for you, in the comments below.

  • Ved Vernekar

    wow, b34 is out! The gapps zip file has been updated as well…

    and im still on b31 :P

  • Tshepo Makgohlo

    this dont have google apps i installed and removed it.

    • Conner D.

      If you bother looking for five seconds..

    • Kapil

      Google apps need to flashed too in recovery after you have flashed the rom. Download the Google apps (named as from the aokp 33’s page linked above, gapps file is the last one in the list.

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