Angry Frogs: A copycat game of Angry Birds (Shameful?)


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  • AmandaH

    There is a game called Barbarian Revenge which is almost exactly like Angry Birds. I wonder where something like this falls in the copycat spectrum:

  • Jason Green

    Totally all good points Kapil. In fact, I have nothing against Angry Birds and understand that it is it’s execution of a good mechanic that make it a hit.

    I just get annoyed at people thinking it is an original concept.

    • Kapil

      Well, I think Angry Birds does feels like Flash game — which it is. But Rovio implemented it great. BTW, the game you look to spread word about — I don’t whether you’re affiliated or not — is cool to play on mobile. But I would be happy for it only if it was Free. In my opinion, it makes little sense to keep it paid. Just my 2 cents.

  • Jason Green

    You guys realise that the Angry Birds format has existed for ages. I mean, congrats on finding a style and characters that make the format shine, but launching objects and structures with people inside in a physics engine is NOTHING new.

    Here is one I was playing 2-3 years ago. But it is probably older.

    • Kapil

      Hey, chill! We’re not asking every developer to invent the gaming! But using the name that strikes of Angry Birds and copying the whole of the game style doesn’t help, you know. There’s a game called, aGibbets, which is based on same ‘some’ physics engine you told us about, but it’s different. It feels different and it’s laid down different. You can’t say it was copied or even tried one bit to mimic any great game just like that. And heck! they even didn’t name it as Angry Arrows or Angry People! I hope you get it.

      BTW, do try aGibbets — since it seems you found even angry frogs okay, you’ll definitely love aGibbets. Good bye!

  • Shane Hennessy

    I have to say, I like the game. I really like angry birds, but if the game will not run on my device, Samsung Moment, frogs have to stay and birds must go. Birds runs soo poorly on my device that it is not even playable. So in this case, I give the game a thumbs up!

    • Shivam

      Wow! If you can do away with Angry Birds and Angry Frogs are able to pass your time good too, we’re actually glad that somebody mimicked the game while also increasing the compatibility. I think we’ll eventually come up with an article on 5-6 games that can substitute the angry birds for low end devices, but don’t expect the fun to be anywhere near that of Angry Birds!

  • Milad Green

    This game SUCKS! The graphics suck, the physics suck, and the fact that it’s a copy sucks! It’s even worse than the Turkish copy of Star Wars!

  • Bardsidhe

    well if you do not like duplicating a game, then I suggest you avoid every Car Racing Game, every Team Based RolePlaying Game, every Strategy Game, Every Card Game, Every First Person Shooting game,
    While Angry Birds has become a global success, it is only natural that such success, will be followed by CopyCats, and Imitations and eventually Spiritual Successors.
    Every single successful game in computing history has had it’s copies, granted though, if you are going to copy a game, do a better job than this Emanuele Padula guy, this was the wrong way to copy a concept,

  • Corey

    This is a very poor rip off. The fact that you have to download the levels and have a username and password is going to turn a lot of people off. The number of downloads is going to be mis-representative of the users as people are going to download then uninstall (just like myself) as soon as you see you cant just play the game. Why usernames and passwords for a silly game like this? He’s gone the way of Hollywood and riding the coat tails of someone elses success.

  • sjpm

    Well, everything FPS used to be referred to as a “wolfenstein clone/rip-off”, or “doom clone”, way back when. Now it’s just a genre.

    So I can certainly see where his argument is coming from.

    Question is, are the game mechanics in Angry birds specific enough that they define the game? I bet Rovio’s lawyers have a very strong opinion on that matter…