Android Security Receives a Much-wanted Boost From Motorola

Android Security

Speaking of increased security on Android OS, one would think of Google getting forward. But guess what, Motorola seems all the more (maybe, the most) concern about the higher level security on Android and has, in fact, taken decent steps too in this direction. Sanjay Jha — Motorola Mobility’s CEO — just let us know that the outfit has purchased a security-focused firm, 3LM, which would work on to bring more security to Android so that the latter lines up good against the likes of Blackberry.

This is yet another cool future-oriented tip Sanjay Jha has spoken of today, after hinting that the very admirable feature of Atrix 4G, the Webtop app, will come to all upcoming Motorola phones.

The security firm, 3LM would operate as an MM’s subsidiary — so, even other companies will have access to 3LM’s products and services. Of course, that’s for a price but the thing is, Moto’s enhanced security initiative will help other manufacturers too, which is an icing to the cake for android users. LG, Samsung, HTC, etc y’all heard it right!

Ideally, security features when implemented at the core of the OS, are favored. But we do hope Google takes due note of this and bring us an improved and even-better-than-Blackberry security in the upcoming versions of android — which, hey! comes out every 6 months. Cool!

Via Phandroid

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