Android Pro Widgets — Get Sense-Like Widgets On Your Android Phone


We’re sure you’ve seen the Sense UI on HTC phones, and the widgets that it provides for stuff such as messaging and social networks. They are also available with LauncherPro, a custom launcher for Android. Well, now you can get similar widgets on your phone using Android Pro Widgets, without the need of Sense or LauncherPro. Android Pro Widgets gives you Sense-like widgets such as Messaging, Facebook, and Twitter, with added features for every single widget for better customization.

Here’s a list of the widgets that Android Pro Widgets provides:

  • Agenda & Calendar
  • People
  • Bookmarks
  • Messaging
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Timeline [License required]
  • Say What (to quickly update status on Facebook and Twitter)
  • APW Google Reader (separate download, requires Google Reader)

The widgets are quite nice, with smooth scrolling (scrolling is possible only on launchers that support widget scrolling) and some customization options not available in the Sense UI or LauncherPro. You also get themes support, but a pro key needs to be purchased for that, which costs $1.99. The pro key also gives you Timeline, which is basically a widget that shows both Facebook and Twitter entries. There is also a Google Reader widget that can be downloaded separately from the Android Market, though it requires Google Reader to be installed as well.

Android Pro Widgets is a great app that provides you with widgets like contacts,¬†Facebook, Twitter, bookmarks, etc in a single package that would otherwise require separate apps. If those widgets on HTC phones ever made you jealous, Android Pro Widgets is for you. It’s free on the Android Market, and you can grab it using the download link below. Do leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

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  1. gonna give this app a try!!! hope its not a CPU hog lol 

  2. Ray Cliff says: Reply

    Dont use Facebook or Twitter at all and use std Calendar Widget which works great, no need for this for me at all!!

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