Android N is Nougat, here’s how you pronounce it

Google took to snapchat to reveal Android N’s name: Nougat. It’s a chocolaty chewy bar type of candy, that we are gonna gossip about all year round.

Google didn’t say Android Nougat will Android 7.0, but we know it will be Android 7.0. You know that too, right?

So, how do you pronounce Nougat? It’s nou·gat (no͞o′gət). Hear it here.

Welcome Nougat!

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  1. Alex Snodford says:

    Pronounced Noogar in the UK.. From the old french word nogat (where the ‘t’ would be silent). Looks like the UK will be leaving Android next!

    1. Krishna says:

      Nice to know how it’s pronounced in UK.

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