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Android Market v2.2.7 in Black, Blue and Red Color [Guide]


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  • Josh

    it installed fine for me, but when i try to open it, it force closes immediately after opening. I have Moto Droid running android Froyo 2.2.3

  • jaime

    Yup im 15

  • jaime

    I can not find the vending.apk part nor the google. I dont know if this is because i changed my phones ROM to blue riptide i do not want to risk my phone any advice?

    • http://theandroidsoul.com Kapil

      Ah, you should not get serious with this, then. Just leave this hack for now. I’ll get back to you when I find an easy solution, sure.
      BTW, your email address you were born in 1996. Is it correct? Are you just 15 years old or so and playing with hacks like this? Cool!

      • Spc_tullc

        @ kapil im having the same issue. email me when you find a solution please spc_tullc@hotmail:disqus.com

        i hate that green crap…

  • Lethalnfs

    Flash the zip in recovery and it will install just fine.

  • matholamew

    I just put this on my SGS Captivate with the Cognition 2.3 b8 ROM. Works well so far. We will see once there is an update to an app.

    • http://theandroidsoul.com Kapil


  • http://www.techpanache.com Ashish Mundhra

    Wont’t risk my Galaxy S for simple colors .. all I need is market. Even gray scale will do

    • http://theandroidsoul.com Kapil


  • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Shivam

    Which phone and android OS version you are trying this on? It seems this hack works only on android 2.2, although not confirmed or said by the developer.

    Anyway if you’re already on android 2.2, try by first installing the android market v2.2.7 [link given in post above].

    You could also try by flashing through recovery. Just download the either of Black, Blue or Red market file –> rename to update.zip (if necessary) –> and finally flash through your phone’s recovery mode.

  • androider

    Did not work, copying to /system/app/ produced this. (I had market 1.8.2)

    W/PackageParser( 381): Exception reading AndroidManifest.xml in /system/app/Vending.apk
    W/PackageParser( 381): java.lang.SecurityException: META-INF/MANIFEST.MF has invalid digest for AndroidManifest.xml in /system/app/Vending.apk
    W/PackageParser( 381): at java.util.jar.JarVerifier$VerifierEntry.verify(JarVerifier.java:129)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at java.util.jar.JarFile$JarFileInputStream.read(JarFile.java:122)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at android.content.pm.PackageParser.loadCertificates(PackageParser.java:338)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at android.content.pm.PackageParser.collectCertificates(PackageParser.java:480)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at com.android.server.PackageManagerService.collectCertificatesLI(PackageManagerService.java:2535)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at com.android.server.PackageManagerService.scanPackageLI(PackageManagerService.java:2621)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at com.android.server.PackageManagerService.access$1900(PackageManagerService.java:134)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at com.android.server.PackageManagerService$AppDirObserver.onEvent(PackageManagerService.java:4669)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at android.os.FileObserver$ObserverThread.onEvent(FileObserver.java:125)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at android.os.FileObserver$ObserverThread.observe(Native Method)
    W/PackageParser( 381): at android.os.FileObserver$ObserverThread.run(FileObserver.java:88)
    E/PackageParser( 381): Package com.android.vending has no certificates at entry AndroidManifest.xml; ignoring!
    W/PackageManager( 381): Failed verifying certificates for package:com.android.vending

  • wildtouch

    so if I read this correctly, everything but the market updater and the Vending.apk need deleted…then you flash the zip from recovery?

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Shivam

      If you got a capital V in vending.apk in /System/App, then you are good to go and I think you do not need to delete any files, nor there is any need to look further.

      By the way, let me know which phone and android version you’re trying this with. I tried it on android 2.2.1.