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The Google+ launched last month is making an impact on Android too, and what could be a better place for it to hit the Android Market itself. The android market v3.1.3 update is in roll out by Google but we know you don’t wanna wait for that, especially those outside U.S. where update takes longer time. So, the we’ve the direct download link for you below as also the new features the app brings over its previous version 3.0.26, which was released last mid-July.

When Google launched the web version of android market, it used twitter to let users share an page (of app, game, live wallpaper, etc.). But now that the search engine giant’s own Google+ is there — rocking cool 25 million users in just 1 month — it was a good idea to integrate the Google+ right into android market — and that’s what the new android market excites the most about.

You can find the +1 button on the app’s page in the market app, just below the ‘Ratings’ row which in under the screenshots row. This will also tell you if any friend of yours (those in your Google+ circles) has +1’d the said app. We know you love Google+ app, so do we but just to be clear, you don’t need Google+ app installed to use +1 button in the market app. But you do need a Google+ account to be able to use the +1 button, quite obviously. One doesn’t need to be on Google+ already to be able to use the +1 button — the +1 button is kinda separate from the whole lot of Google+, but remains a part of Google+ nevertheless.

On the app page, the +1 button is white by default and when you hit it to +1 the app, it would turn blue, to imply that you’ve +1’d it.

Apart from the coolness of +1 button, the android market v3.1.3 also lets users lock down their integrated Google checkout account (and thus the credit card details inputted therein) using the PIN to take care of inadvertent purchases through the market — this is pretty useful feature for parents who hand out android phones to their kids – after the PIN is set, the child cannot purchase anything and everything he/she wishes through the delicious android market or the in-app purchase system within apps that rely on the android market, which many apps and games these days does.

Google  1 Permission PIN

The +1 button on app pages and PIN Lock apart, there are cool new features too in the v3.1.3 update of android market app. Such as:

  1. Settings allow you to turn off notifications from the market app
  2. Clear market search history from settings
  3. Permissions are very explanative now — which is good. When you hit the install button to install any app from the market, you get permissions screen which mentions the privileges the app will have. Now, the permissions screen clearly explains each and every bit of the permission, so that it’s more clear to user and one can understand the risk and reward completely. I think developers would have to issue an advance explanation in the app’s description to justify the permission which many devs are already doing — but the emphasis will be more now, since users would know better.


  1. Device running Android 2.2 or above. That’s it.
  2. ROOT is NOT Required, though!

So, below is the direct download link for latest android market version 3.1.3 and the procedure to install it.

  1. [Update, March 24, 2012: Android market is now known as the Google Play Store and we would recommend you to download and install the latest version of that, Google Play Store v3.5.15] Download the new android market v3.1.3 application’s .apk file. Download Link.
  2. If you downloaded the file on PC, transfer it to phone.
  3. On phone, enable non-market apk installation. Go to Settings – Applications – tick the “Unknown Sources” checkbox at the very top. Accept the warning which pops up by tapping on OK.
  4. Open the file explorer (if you don’t have one, download any file manager from the android market) and browse to the location where you’d downloaded/transferred the file on phone.
  5. Tap on the file to install it. This will replace your existing market app. Select OK when asked during installation.
  6. Tip: If you wish to go back to older version of android market, you can do so by going to settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Market -> Uninstall updates. this will uninstall the 3.1.3 version of market and would revert back the app to earlier version you had.

We hope you like the latest and greatest version of android market and make most of the +1 button you’ll get on app pages now. Share with us your favorite app below, too. Enjoy!

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  1. Guest says: Reply

    Direct download link takes yuo back to this page, won’t download anything.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Oh, my bad. Anyway, I’ve corrected the link and it’s working now.

      Thanks for notifying. Enjoy!

      1. LickTheBalls says: Reply

        Lick my beautiful sweating balls…they crave the moist embrace of your tongue. 

  2. TheAlteredState says: Reply

    Can we install this on tablets too? I have Android 3.2 on my tablet…

    1. Kapil says: Reply


  3. Shaggyrol says: Reply

    Im downloading it in Mexico, i have android 2.2, and of course a Mexican carrier,  will i be able to see he movies and books rentals?  i have access to US Ip with wifi.

  4. Shaggyrol says: Reply

    Im downloading it in Mexico, i have android 2.2, and of course a Mexican carrier,  will i be able to see he movies and books rentals?  i have access to US Ip with wifi.

  5. Rsisalak says: Reply

    I somehow accidently erased my normal android marketplace after rooting my phone. Anybody know how I can get it back? Everytime I try to download this and open it up after installation it says you must add an account to device to continue. Do you want to add one now? I click yes and it will revert back to page I opened it on

  6. Idowu says: Reply

    thanks for your instruction,but after all this process ,when i tap on the android market app when it wants to launch it says you do not have an account do you wish to add one yes or no ,and when i tap yes there is no response it disappears.

  7. Ciaed says: Reply

    Thanks you for the tutorial, this is very useful for me.. 

  8. deldalton says: Reply

    I have followed the instructions above but I’m unable to use the market. When I open the application is prompts me to create an account and when I select “Yes” the application just closes. Any suggestions?

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