Android Infobar UI = Android + WP7 + iOS. Simply Unbelievable!!


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  • Manuel Coutinho

    Someone dump this… I want a Rom : )

  •ámori-András/100000060540027 Hámori András

     this looks very nice indeed. cant wait to try it out.

  • Ashton

     “why, we, actually, have our eyes set on the Infobar UI, which, brings is remix of Android+WP7+iOS, with the last OS playing bare minimal role…”

    WTH am I reading?

    • Dumbass

      You’re fucking stupid. You put in 4 commas that weren’t even originally there. Dumbass. If you’re gonna be a grammar Nazi, at least know how to read right.

      • Kapil

        Hey, we edited the post later. He was right, it was just like that when he said that.

        My aoplogoies to both of you.