Android Infobar UI = Android + WP7 + iOS. Simply Unbelievable!!

Those of you who’ve ever used the MIUI ROM would know how much tweaking is possible on Android and are surely in awe of the ROM. But wait, MIUI just seems to be the beginning of what the crazy developers (and hackers) can do of the Android openness goodie — why, we have our eyes set on the Infobar UI which is a remix of Android+WP7+iOS, with the last OS playing bare minimal role. It’s fresh, that’s guaranteed. As for the origin, the website claiming it is, which naturally lets us believe, it’s from Japan – the land of rising sun.

Like it or not, but you gotta give credit to awesome work these guys put in to create an altogether different UI out of… Android!

The Infobar UI is no short of amazing looks and features — heck, it may make you bite your nails even before you are done watching the handsome video of the Infobar UI given below. So, what’s the wait for, just hit the play button on the YouTube player below to check out what we may end up lusting for in, maybe, just a couple of months.

Assuming this Infobar UI thing is really real — which we believe it is — and that some team is burning lots of midnight fuel to bring it to real world soon, we can’t avoid but say, we’re damn excited for this. It’s the first time ever we’ve seen a ROM that’s capable of letting users change the Color of the whole UI (check at 00.19 in the video) — which is of course, incredible.

Other than that, if MIUI got you the best of worlds of iOS and Android, Infobar even throws WP7 into the mix to create a home screen that mimics WP7’s while retaining Android’s awesome widgets and notification bar. It’s quite astonishing that almost all the best stuff of your phone is available to you right on just one home screen, which you can scroll up and down — oh, this is the first timer too.

Sure, you’re hoping for it to launch on your phone first of all but you know that Android world, there contenders list of this UI would never end and porting this to each major phone is daunting task. But let’s hope it gets available to our handsome devices sooner than it took MIUI, which along with the CM7 and other custom ROMs, now have a huge competition, really huge.


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  1. Ashton says: Reply

     “why, we, actually, have our eyes set on the Infobar UI, which, brings is remix of Android+WP7+iOS, with the last OS playing bare minimal role…”

    WTH am I reading?

    1. Dumbass says: Reply

      You’re fucking stupid. You put in 4 commas that weren’t even originally there. Dumbass. If you’re gonna be a grammar Nazi, at least know how to read right.

      1. Kapil says: Reply

        Hey, we edited the post later. He was right, it was just like that when he said that.

        My aoplogoies to both of you.

  2.  this looks very nice indeed. cant wait to try it out.

  3. Manuel Coutinho says: Reply

    Someone dump this… I want a Rom : )

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