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Android 4.5 will be the next version of Android, not 5.0


Android 4.5 confirmed by Chrome Beta release 37

The latest release of Chrome beta build 37 brings an interesting news with its design refreshments. On an Android L running phone, the latest Chrome Beta release 37 shows the Android version under its settings page as “Android 4.4.99; Build/LPV79″. While previously it was shown as Android 4.3.0 and the stable Chrome for Android build still shows Android 4.3.0 as version of Android L developer preview.

So we guess this Android 4.4.99 version pretty much confirms the next version of Android to be Android 4.5, not the 5.0 we all have been expecting. Also, the .99 figure makes sense for the developer preview build of Android L that we’re running.

However, given the design overhaul in Android L, version 4.5 sounds like a minor jump. Maybe Google has even bigger plans for the Android 5.0 release. What do you think?

  • siddude11

    No this is false. Check this Google+ post about it : https://plus.google.com/104025431341062052230/posts/X7jE4Ne84jC

  • Doug

    I love how this clickbait of an article uses the headline ‘Android 4.5 will be’ and then in the article they say ‘so we guess’.

    Great way to lose any ounce of credibility you have

  • Nils

    4.4.99 is probably some internal end-of-4.4 build. Gives no indication of the version of next version.

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