Android 4.0 Video Leaked?

Android blogs and forums are going quietly mad over this — whether the leaked video of Android 4.0 (below) really features Android 4.0? And that someone’s not playing prank? Well, as things are developing at XDA Forums, it looks real — and when a recognized developer says so, we believe him.

It all started when a guy who had ordered Nexus S from eBay — the latest Google device right now — found Ice Cream Sandwich (upcoming v4.0) pre-installed on it. He made a video of it and handed it over to Engadget, which was only 4-5 hrs ago and since then it has become of a debate whether this video of Android 4.0 is real or not.

The guy (whose Nexus S it is) says it’s been wiped off by Google remotely and has provided some technical details of it, which a recognized developer believes is true. If Google wiped it off, what reason would better than the Android 4.0?

You can watch the video below, and leaving alone the fact of its reality, you can see how Android 4.0 would look like.


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  1. Andrei Pac says: Reply

    fake or reality. i dont know care !! i want it!

  2. Alchrimon says: Reply

    I wish he’d click the ABOUT PHONE so we can all see if he really is running on Android 4.0

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