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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Update for Galaxy S i9000 [Custom ROM]


Galaxy S i9000 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


While Samsung would take ages — if they intend to bring the update in first place, which itself is debatable — to release the latest Android 4.0 update to Galaxy S officially via Kies, our beloved developers have already started burning their midnight oil to get you Ice Cream Sandwich love on your very dear very venerable phone in android blogosphere, the Galaxy S.

And their hard work is showing up now in the form of a custom ROM — we’re talking about the first ICS (Android 4.0) port for Galaxy S, made by pretty famous now on Galaxy S development scene, Galnet.

Developers: Galnet was first one to boot ICS on Galaxy S but since then, he and his team has been quite on this. The development came to life only after Onecosmic started working on it and he is the one who took further, making it a bit usable and fixing the touchscreen and doing all the crazy part. After Onecosmic got busy with other stuff, work was resumed by PaulForde, who is responsible for current stage of rom, among with other devs who are working continuously on it right now.

Developers and Donation Link


Here is list to all devs who are currently active on this rom. And we hope you donate them to show your gratitude to them for work they have, while also encouraging them for working more on this development.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ROM Status

Update (As of February 12, 2012): RC 4.2 is out — it’s simply one incredible rom, by certain awesome teams of devs.

Big Update: RC1 is out. Features working from this release: Video recording and playback, Hardware Acceleration, Calendar Sync, etc. You may want to celebrate this!! People avoiding the ICS — somehow, I mean — should try this version. Kudos to PaulForde (we’re really thankful to him for this) and Onecosmic.

Almost everything is working — though, of course, there are bugs!


[error]This guide is applicable only for Samsung’s Galaxy S international version — GT-i9000 and GT-i9000B. Check your phone’s version in Settings – About Phone. It has to be “GT-i9000” or “GT-i9000B” for this Android 4.0 port ROM to be compatible with your phone. Otherwise, simply don’t try this ROM on your android handset — don’t even think about it if you care about your android device.[/error]


[warning]The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable — you only will be responsible, you’ve been warned!!![/warning]

Installing the Android 4.0 ICS custom ROM isn’t that hard if you’ve already done flashing stuff a couple of times. But even if you’re new to flashing and custom ROMs, don’t worry one bit, we’ve got you covered. Just watch the video below, read the instructions and you are good to do it yourself.

Pre-Installation thoughts:

  1. Installing/Flashing this ROM will erase your apps and data. So, it’s a very important you back them up, before proceeding further. To backup your apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. Restore APN settings if Internet isn’t working for you. This Android backup guide would help you. And if you’ve rooted your Galaxy S, you can save application’s data too, using Titanium backup (free app on android market) to backup apps with data. And use this this app only  again to restore those apps with data.
  2. Drivers! — it’s important you’ve the proper drivers installed. Download links below:
  3. If you have Samsung’s PC software Kies installed, be sure to exit it before using flashing this ROM, or anything with odin software.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S

Update: The installation process is much different now that what was for the initial release. But you can still watch the video — especially if you’re new to this — to get the idea of flashing and stuff. And the guide below has been duly updated to take care of installation needs of the latest release. So, go ahead!

So, the video below is not to be followed, but if you want to learn about rebooting into recovery, using CWM recovery, and other things, watching the video for once is recommended.

Here’s the video showing the installation of Android 4.0 custom ROM (AOSP port, version alpha4):

Note: There is a brief overview (from 6:58) of Android 4.0 running on Galaxy S in the above video.

How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy S [step-by-step guide]:

  1. Flash XXJVU Android 2.3.6 based firmware first.
  2. Install CWM and Root on the XXJVU.
  3. Download the latest version of “Android 4.0 ROM” from here — let’s call it rom file — and then continue the steps below to flash it without any worries. be careful while downloading since that page has downloads for all version of Galaxy S for which this rom is available. Download one meant for your phone, i9000.
  4. Transfer the rom file to your phone’s sdcard (don’t use external sdcard, btw). Remember the location where you transfer this files.
  5. Power Off your Galaxy S. Wait for 5-6 seconds until you feel the vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  6. Boot into Recovery mode. Then, press and hold these 3 buttons together: VolumeUP+Home+Power till the Galaxy S logo shows up on screen. You’ll boot into CWM recovery soon enough. (In recovery, use Volume keys to scroll up and down and power key to select an option. Use back key to go back.)
  7. Do Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  8. Do Wipe Cache Partition
  9. Go to advanced and do Wipe Dalvik Cache
  10. Now, flash the rom file. Select install zip from sdcard » choose zip from sdcard » browse through sdcard and select the rom file you downloaded in step 3 and transferred in step 4 above. Select “Yes – Install ______” on the next screen.
  11. After flashing necessary stuff, phone will boot up into recovery again. You will notice it’s a different recovery, colored blue now, and this is what was flashed in step 10 above to make the phone ready for installation.
  12. Now, flash the rom file again. Select install zip from sdcard » choose zip from sdcard » browse through sdcard and select the rom file you downloaded in step 3 and transferred in step 4 above. Select “Yes – Install ______” on the next screen.
  13. Go back and select ‘reboot system now’ to restart the phone. Be patient while phone boots up, it may take between 5 to 15 mins  for first boot.
  14. IF IT FAILS TO BOOT in 15 mins, then, well we got problem here. Do this:
    1. When the phone is restarting (still booting up) open the back cover and REMOVE the battery. Yes you read it right. Reinsert it after 3-4 seconds and then boot into recovery again.
    2. In recovery, do a Wipe Data/ Factory Reset. And then, select reboot system now to restart the phone. it should boot up properly now. If it doesn’t, then perhaps you did not follow something correctly.
  15. Also, if you are not happy with the performance of this rom — maybe because it lacks some apps/features you cared too much for, or reboots itself — I would suggest you to install the Android 4.0 AOKP Rom for Galaxy S, it’s simply damn good.
  16. [Optional] Support the development and appreciate the hard work put in by the team by donating them. Find donation link given above.
  17. Also, it’s already rooted. You don’t need to root it.
  18. Just for your info, Android 4.0 custom ROM is available Galaxy S2 too — find our Installation Guide for Android 4.0 on Galaxy S2 i9100 here.
That’s it. You’ve the Android 4.0 running coolly on your Galaxy S buddy. Cheers to awesome dev team!


Btw, if you want to revert back to Android 2.3 Gingerbread firmware from this Android 4.0 custom rom, get (install) the XXJVU firmware, linked in at step 1 above. And if wanted by you, root it as given in step 2.



Overview — Android 4.0 AOSP ROM (version Alpha 4) on Galaxy S



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Vermeer/100000744048014 Rob Vermeer

    —>> If i do this update will my Galaxy S still be Dutch or only English? <—
    Deze rom is helemaal Nederlandse taal.
    Een echte aanrader.
    Loopt hier als een treintje.
    Beter dan Dar…Rom

  • Hoam01


  • Jerrydenheijer8

    If i do this update will my Galaxy S still be Dutch or only English?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Vermeer/100000744048014 Rob Vermeer

    Super Rom THX
    Super rom een aanrader.
    Die rom lauft einwand frei.

  • ncjkdsnckjda

    my phone is galaxy s gt-i9000, i tried updating firmware with kies, it says phone has rejected update or something like that, please help, my software version is 1.something, could you please help, it is very slow and i am desperate for a faster phone. 

  • Boaty16

    for some reason my phone after the update won’t let me put my password to connect  to wifi

  • Ali Raza

    my firmware version is 2.2……………….baseband i9000xxjpc……..kernel root sei-28 # 1…………..froyo,,,,,,,,,,,can i use this updatee for my phone or not…

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Yes, you can use the above update, just follow each and every step above.

      • Ali Raza

        wat do u mean by 1st step…flash xxjvu….i have too do this stepp or not,,,,

        • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

          You have to do each and every step.

  • i9000

    I don’t seem to be having any network….what can i do???Please help me as i like this version very much….i also flashed the CM7 JP( but it did not work…..

    • I9000 father

       you are mad

  • Jaswal Anirudh

    @itskapil:disqus - how to sort the apps in the menu and stop the haptic vibrations while writing?

  • Jaswal Anirudh

    @itskapil:disqus - how to restore my contacts. When i was gingerbread i backed my contacts in *.sbu format , *.csv.bak & .spb  can i restore.. ???

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Which software did you use to backup, try restoring from the same.

      If you have csv file containing backup of all your contacts, then open Gmail on PC, go to contacts and restore contacts there using that csv file. Then, on your android phone, go to settings – accounts and sync and add the Gmail ID on which you restored contacts, keep contacts sync ON while you can disable other sync functions for that account safely. Once done, contacts will be restored/synced to your phone and it’s always the best way to keep contacts synced with Google.

      • Jaswal Anirudh


        • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

          Can’t you restore from lies? Anyway, do you have a csv file, try Google sync then.

          • Jaswal Anirudh

            no i am not able to connect to kies… in gingerbread it used to ask me how to connect usb- media, usb, kies. I used to select kies. But now there is no such option coming.

          • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

            Oh… maybe then.. install a gingerbread firmware back on your phone and then restore using Kies. You can xxjvu firmware linked above.

            After Kies restores your contacts, sync them to Google and then install ICS from above.

          • Jaswal Anirudh

            thanks a tonn man! ill give this rom 9.5/10 — 0.5 gone coz drop down slider on top doesnt have shortcuts like wifi, blutooth, silent.. if they could have been added.. it would hv been perfect… but still im in love with my device and ICS!! 

  • Jaswal Anirudh

    @itskapil:disqus – Video calling is not working i guess.. plz help

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Some bugs can be expected, and this bug is one. Can’t really help on that until developers of this rom are able to fix that.

  • Jaswal Anirudh

    video calling not working

  • First Tab

    had to work on it for a while but works great on my GT-I9000T   just had to flash the cm7 jp9 modem…. and bammmmm works like a charm thanks have a great day…

    • First Tab

      the JP9 modem was a bust worked till I rebooted then nothing so flashed the T959 modem so far so great I love it..

  • Josue Murillo09

    it woks perfect since the first step!. thanks a lot!!…

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil


  • Rosckstarsan

    hi .. please help me.. i followed the steps.. after i select the file.. it went for an reboot, 1st Galaxy S screens pops  up. then momentarily google screen pops up and finally it tries to install and suddenly it again goes to reboot and follow same steps.

    I tried removing battery and wiped it and again put it back and tried to bring the recovery susyem.. but the same old thing resumed..!! help.. i am panicking !

  • Rosckstarsan

    hi .. please help me.. i followed the steps.. after i select the file.. it went for an reboot, 1st Galaxy S screens pops  up. then momentarily google screen pops up and finally it tries to install and suddenly it again goes to reboot and follow same steps.

    I tried removing battery and wiped it and again put it back and tried to bring the recovery susyem.. but the same old thing resumed..!! help.. i am panicking !

    • Rockstarsan

      even just powering on is bringing to same scren !

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Flash again… do factory reset and wipe cache then, and then reboot.

  • Martin Myhre S

    This is lagging like hell on mine. The first release runned like a dream, but when I updated to this version, it got all laggy and slow. Any suggestions how to fix? Yes, I am pretty sure i wiped everything. 


    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Try out other ICS rom, AOKP, it’s linked above.

      • First Tab

        rom works perfect on the SGS GT-I9000T  all you have to do is change the modem after flashing i used the cm7T959TLJL3  on mine and i am super happy everything works like its supposed to clocked to 1200mhz stable ….    Thanks for the awsome rom…

  • Laketcenko Tomas

    there I can find :  fugu ICS drm fix i9000 update.zip?

  • nik

    Is there any way i can get my contact back… the backup program i used failed miserably and didnt back up anything and i lost 700 number that i really really need.. is there any any way i can get these back??

  • Abdelkhalid315

    THANKS a LOT.. i am relishing the icecream on my glaxy s!.. :p.. i went through ALL the procedures stated above starting from flashing to XXJVU till the last steps! everything went on smooth..

  • Khan

    Hi, sorry this hasn’t got anything to do with the 4.0 ics update you have posted, wanted to know where i can download the latest official firmware update for sgs i9000 i tried updating through settings.. phone update but it said no update available, any ideas? thanks in advance

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      The latest firmware for Galaxy S i9000 is XXJW4, based on Android 2.3.6. If you can’t get it from updates section/settings in your phone, then install from here — http://www.theandroidsoul.com/galaxy-s-gets-official-value-pack-firmware-xxjw4-includes-touchwiz-4/ .
      Using the guide, you can update manually.

      • Khan

        Thanks for the fast response, not done this before so one more question before i go ahead and try updating.. is this the official update samsung released and it wont mess up my phone or root it lol :/

        • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

          It’s not official (from Samsung)… and btw, it’s already rooted, so installing this will root your phone. You can restore back any original Samsung firmware back, and that will remove the root and restore the warranty too :)

          • Khan

            Hmm i’m not wanting the rooted version though.. do you know if the latest official update from samsung is released? i’m in the UK bdw if that helps.. and iv’e just downloaded samsung kies it says new firmware is available is that an official update or rooted? :/ sorry for asking so many questions i’m new to android lol

          • Khan

            its okay now, ive managed to install 2.3.6 value pack latest update through kies, thanks for nothing lol jk thanks for your help :)

  • Robert

    Can I suggest installing Android 4.0.4? I wrote a tutorial: https://gurde.com/2012/04/how-to-android-ics-4-0-4-on-galaxy-s-i9000/

  • Lil gangsta

    Jee oi kapil khush kita ee ;)

  • Soleil_gamila

     Thanks Kapil for your response …  I have a very simple question :
    When I install IQuran or Holy Quran the mobile restarts
    itself without installing,- please what is the probleme
    ?……  Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/kodevre koen de vreede

    it works great, thanks for this awesome guide it wasn’t  easy but it worked  

  • Piklu2002bd

    hello dear, I using GTi I 9000 (gingerbread 2.3.4) by Baseband version is I9000XXJVP. is it possible to upgrade form 2.3.4 to ICS using the same steps?

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil


      • Piklu2002bd

         Should I first upgrade to 2.3.6 then to ICS 4.0 or directly form 2.3.4 to ICS? Thanks a lot buddy

        • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

          If you have cwm, you can do it directly. CWM is required to flash the rom.

          • Piklu2002bd

             Sorry to disturb you kapil…. One more query! Which CWM should I install for XXJVP? XXJVU Rom CWM will work on Gingerbread 2.3.4? Sorry to bother u bro..I am a new user :(

          • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

            No, xxjvu’s cwm won’t help you. Use one for xxjvp here – http://www.theandroidsoul.com/root-xxjvp-firmware/

            Flash the cf-root file as guided there, and you’ll have both root access and cwm installed on your phone. You’re good to go then. Btw, xxjvu is a nice firmware too, you can try that too when and if looking back to using phone on Gingerbread.

  • guestar

    does this have all the features of ics? and is this compatible with galaxy s plus

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      It’s ICS so it does have all features of ICS. But, it’s not compatible with Galaxy S Plus :/

      • guestar

        why not????? it is better than galaxy s in all aspects….. .??

        • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

          It depends on what device the developer has… usually, all developers have Galaxy S i9000, and Galaxy S Plus isn’t very popular… that’s why.. :/

  • Gerald Sterling

    Is SMS working properly?
    I couldnt recieve any a few months (?) ago.
    I would like to install it, if i can browse Internet, write SMS and call people. I think the most apps will work.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Yep, working alright. Also, you can try the AOKP rom too, which is pretty good, and is based on Android 4.0.

  • Tommyy16

    Radio is working in this rom?

    • shad

      no, the internal radio function doesn’t work. 

  • Soleil_gamila

    Thanks Kabil for your response ……..  I have a very simple question : When I install I Quran or Holy Quran on Android 4.0 the mobile restart itself without installing,     — please what is the probleme ?………….  Thanks

  • You

    I already have 4,0,1 and rooted. Do i need to go back to Ginger bread? I may i just reboot into recovery and flash right away?? Thank you again.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      You can flash ICS Rom right away in your android 4.0 phone.

  • Dejan

    I’ve done upgrade from 2.3.6, as wroten, and everything went perfectly. So far everything seems working pretty fast, even WiFi tethering works (I’ve read that in earlier ROMs that wasn’t the case if I remember right).

  • shad

    Android 4 is not connecting to the Kies? any solution? 

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      It won’t connect.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFNYOTXHGTGBBBSAXZ7KJ675MU Ali

    im not sure if this is a known bug but i lost camera functions on my GS, however i dont really care since i never use the camera anyway, but for people who do use it to take pictures/videos or scan   
    QR codes, you may want to try flashing the ROM again.

  • Eddy Blindagem

    wy cant i use my external_SD…..

    • Fusionphysix

      What you mean? U can try to disable the external from settings, power off your phone, then open the back, dismount the sd and battery, wait about 20 sec. Then put all together and boot your phone. OI File manager should display your sd at upper corner if it’s functional, there’s a small sd card picture, click it. And if you can’t connect as mass-storage device to your computer, disable debugging from settings, under developer settings. Cheers :)

  • Bassolini

    Thanks for a wonderful working guide! My phone is like new! Is it possible to get Flash Player on ICS now? Flash content wont play…

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Install Flash Player from market.

  • Jcbng

    hey guys.. i just got to step 10/11 and the phone keeps looping right now…
    galaxy s comes up then google then repeat
    i see the recovery mode for a split second and it goes back to this loop :(
    what to do

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Are you still stuck with it?

    • DutchICS

       Same problem here..what should I do?

      thanks in advance

      • DutchICS

         Solved! Remove the battery. Go to the recovery menu(VolumeUP+home+power) and install the Zip again.

        It worked for me:-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002680091323 Eddy Blindagem

    I cant use my external_SD.. how to fix this please help

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFNYOTXHGTGBBBSAXZ7KJ675MU Ali

    do i need to extract the zip file before putting the ROM on my GS?

    • Grotesque

      No. Do not extract. Just transfer the zip to your GS.
      In recovery mode, use Volume keys to scroll up and down and power key to select an option. Use back key to go back. Go to advanced and flash the rom file.
      Select install zip from sdcard » choose zip from sdcard » browse through sdcard and select the rom file you downloaded in step 3 and transferred in step 4 above. Select “Yes – Install ______” on the next screen.

  • Metal_buster96

    huge problem here, is samsung kies syncing available on ics?

  • Biboylapitan

    I cant use my bluetooth.. how to fix this please help

    • Grotesque

      Try to reinstall the Rom. When I have installed ICS the WIFI was not working. I have rebooted in recovery, made factory reset, cleared cash and it helped. (try this, if it not gonna help try to reinstall)

    • Fusionphysix

      Like Grotesque said, flash it again. Everything works after that. You should read the instructions more carefully ;) Cheers :)

  • Grotesque

    Hey. I have installed it yesterday. It looks nice, although it is little bit slow sometimes, there is no task manager, sometimes the touch screen not reacting when you want to unlock it. I dont`t know why, but the battery aren’t so good at it was (I have charge it fully when installed the ICS)

    Any way it is nice. I hope there gonna be better one later, fully optimized.

    • Fusionphysix

      Aye. Yeah, it may be slow sometimes. u can quit programs by pressing the center button about 1-2sec. And then it should give u the apps that u have used recently. And then u just have to swipe them left or right to quit them. And then u gain more ram space again. And if u like, u should download task killer/task manager named app to it and give it a try :) Cheers

      • Grotesque

        I have downloaded the task manager but it still not the same as Samsung`s original. There are settings in Developers Options to Don`t keep activities(destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it) but it still not really helping. 
        P.S.I have found another problem. When the phone receive e-mail, sms when it is locked-blank screen the touch buttons light turn on and do not switch off till you read the message. That is annoying because the buttons light eat energy, 3-4 hours and your battery is dead.

        • Fusionphysix

          It’s not the same, but it does the same thing :) And it’s not a problem, i think it’s part of this custom ROM. And the lights aren’t taking that much energy. If u have bad connection and your phone tries to search reliable network to connect, it takes huger amounts of battery life than some little led lights. And make sure that you don’t leave all of your apps pressing the home button, it leaves then like that, and that drains the battery. You should press the back button when leaving apps.

    • Rmahajan9

      Hi there, all folks experiencing slownes on your ICS RC4.2, can try flashing a semaphore kernel from this link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1468795, I personally recommend kernel 0.9.7 it gives good battery life and smooth operation.

  • Jensgylling

    Is there not support for swype keyboard? can’t find it in the language and input settings 

    • Fusionphysix

      Nope, but i have heard that u can install it again. Just search for it from google :) Cheers

  • tt

    hi! i like this, is working super! Nice work! keep it up!
    will u make some more when they update the android?
    Greetings from Sweden!

  • Binicoles

    hey guys.i have just updated my SGS to ICS ice cream mode,and its quite nice.but i still have some prbls with it like usb prb when i connect to my pc,its not recognized and yes it is on debug mode.i tried searching for a solution on internet but windows couldnt find anything ,just asks for cd drive:O   also i to miss some apps,and i have red all the sugestions here about AOKP ROM,and i would like to switch to it if its possible.just one question :can i switch to AOKP while im on ice cream or i have to go back to gingerbread 2.3 XXJVU?thnks so much, Nicole

    • Fusionphysix

      Just turn off the debug mode (go to settings->developer options->USB debugging->click to disable) and then your phone should work with mass storage mode :) Worked for me, cheers. 

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      You can install AOKP directly on your current ICS rom. Btw, the method suggested by Fusionphysix should work for you too.

  • Padhy Surya

    hi, after I updated to ICS for the version ICS_4.0.3_MR1-RC4.2_I9000.zip, I got everything perfect but missing a lot of things like, google navigation/maps, radio, camera app not working. How can I fix all those?

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Flash the AOKP rom on your current rom. That’s a little bit smoother and has lots of options. Btw, Google Maps should be there in this rom too. You flashed gapps too, right? That gets you all Google apps like gmail, google maps, etc. You can’t get radio app back, look for another one in android market / Google play store. And camera is working in AOKP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000121008558 Mantas Paliulis

    some bugs: Not every time can unlock with face(in the dark or to many light can’t found my face) and one more bug, it’s, can’t delete all contacts (only one) crap, how i delete 600 contacts? :/
    SGS GT-I9000

    • Fusionphysix

      Yeah, that facelock is not so good. Ofc it can’t detect your face in the dark. The front should have some kind of flash led that it would always work :) And yeah, can’t delete all of your contacts at once. Or maybe you can. Because it should sync your contacts to your google account. So if you remove them from there, you should have no problem. Then just go to your contacts, select ‘bring the contacts” and then select the google account, where you have deleted the unnecessary contacts. Right?

  • Ssng


    If I want to go back to Gingerbread do I have to go back to XXJVU in steps 1 + 2 or can I just flash any ROM?

    Cheers in advance.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Just flash xxjvu firmware, that will install Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread on your phone. Rooting it up to you, do it only if you need it.

  • Baby82

    Dear Kapil,
    After I updating ICS_4.0.3_MR1-RC4.2_I9000, the sim tool kit as well as sim directory is not available at all…I don’t want to go again for 2.3.6 version..Can you help me in this regard…if do so, let me know…
    Thanks in advance…

  • Fusionphysix

    Working great! I’m making a video of this to youtube, so ppl can check it out. I had wifi problems, but i resolved them by rooting it again, as it says in 12. So please remember to read and follow the instructions ;) And if you’re missing old apps, you should just load some new in android market, right? (like one below said ”i’m missing voice recorder”) I think it was samsungs own app, so it got removed, just like samsung app market did. And before you use this, you should copy all your contacts to your SIM card. Battery has lasted over a day, so it doesn’t drain quickly. All apps are working great, dead space, speed test, panorama etc. downloaded from google market :) ONLY THING that i found that didn’t work, was the street view on google maps, don’t know why. Everything else is functional so far :) You should try this! Thx for the develops!

    • Vlatko

       PLS do you know how to make T9 on dialer and speed dial?TNX

      • Fusionphysix

        Sorry, haven’t tried that :/ But the video is here 

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