Android 4.0 AOKP ROM for Samsung Vibrant — ICS Euphoria RC1


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  • chipoo1234

    i am having display problems in my phone the colours are a disaster what should i do?

    • Kapil

      Which android OS version you had before it?

  • v

    I was upgrading Samsung Vibrant (T-mobile) to ICS and got in to this stuck screen (image attached).

    The phone stays in this mode. Below mentioned are chronological events:

    1) I had the vibrant running Froyo (2.2).
    2) I downgraded to Eclair (2.1) using Odin3-v1.85.
    3) Then I rooted the phone using one click root for vibrant using file.
    4) Downloaded rom manger to install clockworkmod recovery
    5) Then used clockworkmod recovery to install ICS_euphoria_RC2 file (after wiping data/reset etc.)
    6) The phone stayed in updating system mode for more than 20 minutes. So, I disconnected the battery and tried to re do ICS installation.
    7) During one of the attempts the windows PC did not recognize the phone and then the phone stayed in the mode shown in the picture.


    I can get into recovery mode but cannot reboot the phone.
    I can enter download mode but cannot connect to PC to connect to odin


  • Amitchhajer

    I followed the simple steps given here to install this ROM

    and now my phone won’t start.

    Vibrant screen comes up and then it tries to install something (screen does not stop) and its happening from last 15-20 mins now.. any idea whats happening?

    • Kapil

      Can you get us an screenshot? If it went past the pink horse logo and then everything is fine, it must be configuring apps and will show you a start screen pretty soon.

  • paolop

    It took me a few tries but in the end I was able to install all the components necessary to install the new OS…I didn’t see any improvements as far as battery life, however the GPS lock in less than 5 secs for me!!!!!!!!!! Which is so great considering the fact that before it took minutes and sometimes I couldn’t get a lock at all!! Thank you to the developers and for this guide!! I really appreciate it!

  • Tanner

    I did everything and it worked like a charm minus one thing, my phone won’t connect to the T-mobile network. The OS and wi-fi and everything all work great but no matter what I do or tinker with I cannot get it to connect to or recognize the T-mobile network. Any suggestions?

    • Ciditin

      I’ve got to step 7, but did not see the ICS zip file,  but saw the instead, which I don’t know why it’s there.  And since it’s only zip file I select that file :( and run it.  Now I can’t get back to the CWM screen, instead I can only boot to the regular recovery screen.  What should I do?

    • Kurtb1021

      Did you ever find an answer to this problem?  I can’t connect to Tmobile service either.

      • Ntecson

        I had to get a new SIM card. I thought that I fried my phone, so I kept trying all these different fixes like different modems, different ROMs, etc.. Ends up I just needed a new SIM. Switch your SIM out with a buddies to test. That’s what I did and figured it out.

        • Arfat Khan

          It still doesn’t work! I have the same issue!