Android 4.0.4 ROM for Galaxy S — Dark Knight


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  • SAdhan

    hello all, the message is bitmap virtual_key is missing(code-1):E

  • SAdhan

    hello Guys, this is sadhan again. in recovery mode my phone is showing some .bit file is missing where can i get from? please tell me how to install that. in power off mode my battery is not showing the charging status. what could be the reason?

  • Sadhan

    Hi i tried to reboot my Galaxy SI9000. i saw a completed message on the screen and i turned it off. when iam trying to switch it on its not happening. what am i supposed to do. please suggest me.

  • Climent Jackey

    Hi guys,
    Recently i had a samsung galaxy s from canada. Its worked good for first one week, after a while its shows some message like (unfortuntely android core process stopped working), After this message i switched off my mobile afterthat i unable to switch on. Its showing some multimedia wallpaper and it not closing even power but button is press and hold. After removing battery its getting off..Fucking off with anroid. Please give me a suggestion. reelly fed off with android.

  • Worldgame26

    So far so good, looks great from first glance. Nice work!

  • Petal Zin

    How do i change the baseband on this rom?

    • Kapil

      Flash the modem file you want using Odin. Or use CWM recocery if you have the zip file.

  • Guy

    Down loaded ver 5 , many of the bugs were fixed…great job
    Still 2 issues that I encounter
    1. I can’t seem to change language setting ,I have to reboot to take effect and sometimes that doesn’t work as well.
    2. Signal will disappear from time to time…
    Has anyone else an countered this or am I doing something wrong?

  • Zahid

    Wifi issue.. (Show stopper)


    Hi, when can we expect an update to fix some of these issues:
    1. Move to sd restarts the phone
    2. gps always off for me even if it indicates on.
    3. Google tts engine doesn’t work
    4. Occasionally no signal, needs reboot.

    Other than that the rom is great and extremely quick
    Thank for the good job

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      We only cover the ROMs and their installation methods. The ROMs themselves are made by the developers mentioned in the article and are on XDA itself. So you will have to ask on XDA on the original development page. We have no relation to the developer and are only covering the ROM. In short, the ROM wasn’t made by us but by the the developers on XDA :)

      • Guy

        Thanks for the update…looking forward to it

  • Taoufikul

    issues that i found-

    1.No app to open FM RADIO 
    2. Ringtone can not be maximized even it is set in max. file browser 
    4. music player is too weak and maximum time a message is shown telling it can not work.
    5. no OS MONITOR as gingerbread.
    6. gingerbread had auto reject option in call setting which is absent here.
    7. wi-fii is slow n sometime entering web e.g google paly is too time consuming and app downloading is too much painfull.
    8. no video player icon. CODEC IS VERY POOR. POORER THAN GINGERBREAD.  
    plz give me solution if any body knows how to solve it.

  • Guy

    Hi , some more issues that i have noticed:
    1. ringtone can not be changed , the only way is to change by contact.
    2. Some apps like: Line, PayPal and other can not be installed for some reason.


  • sajaad

    the vibration is also an issue how to stop vibration while touching the keypad and while opening the lock? how to stop it?

    • Farazhassankhan

      To disable keyboard vibration::
      System Settings==>Language & input==>Android Keyboard(settings)==>uncheck *vibrate on keypress

  • sajaad

    hi i insltalled ics 4.0.3 on my samsung galaxy s gt i9000 but the features were less  and then some applications were not working too. the gameloft games are not working at all. does this rom support all these things?

    • Farazhassankhan

       gameloft games must work in it. You have to run Game’s setup in order to install game in your SGS1. Set may take 45 minutes to 1 hour depending upon Wi-Fi speed. Games like Hawks, Assassins Creed or Splinter Cell will take around hour or more to get installed.

      If Google apps aren’t working such as Google maps, gmail client then flash “gapps” in your phone (you can find it on

  • Farazhassankhan

    Kapil – Wi-Fi isnt working. I have been using this room for a week now but this morning Wi-Fi stopped working. it shows Wi-Fi icon in status bar but signals are kinda gray and doesnt brows internet.
    Please let me know. Thank you

    • Farazhassankhan

      Kapil, need your help as Wi-Fi isnt working and I dont want to flash another ROM. There must be a way to fix it. Please let me know. Thank You

      • Kapil

        Sry.. couldn’t help you on this…. if a new version is available, better flash that, might have WiFi fixed.

  • Guy

    Dear Kapil , 
    I can find my SD card but if i try to move an app to sd it will reboot the device. 
    Is there something i can do to fix this?


    when i try to instal apps for store the crash an restarts help

    • alan kelly

      did u ever sort this problem? i also have issues with only some apps. when i try install it restarts my phone.

      • Neeraj


        I am also facing the same phone restarts while installing some of the apps (not all)…is there any fix for this?

  • razi

    guys ? some one ? i got a problem with this

    every time i go to the camera or media,pictures,something like that

    its shows me an error says :Unfortunately,the process has stopped.

    need help and if i cant fix it some one tell me how to remove it :/!~ 

  • Farazhassankhan

    it comes back to recovery mood and doesnt go further.

    • Kapil

      Select Reboot System Now to restart the device.

      • Farazhassankhan

        Thanks Kapil, its been installed and its absolutly amazing. I was using 4.0.3 before but this one is way better than that.Thanks

  • Radu-Dan Mihai

    Another problem guys. Wi-fi doesn’t work sometimes. I select Activate wi-fi,but nothing happens. 

    I have a question: If I want to install xxjw4,is there any particular mode to do it? Or I install it normally using ODIN? 

    Thanks !

    • Kapil

      You can install jw4 with normal ODIN procedure.

  • Tshepo Makgohlo

    where is Kapil??? SD Card not working my man do u hv solution yet? 

  • Radu-Dan Mihai

    It is awesome this version of ICS. But I have a problem. When I try to move an application to USB space, my phone is restarting.Does anyone have also this problem?

    • Tshepo Makgohlo

       Hi there , the same problem i am having, i cant even find External Card, no one is answering maybe is bug that is it has. no fix yet.

      • Kapil

        Maybe your sdcard is named as emmc or external_sd, look for these folders.

  • Tshepo Makgohlo

    Hi there, please someone help here, i am runnning this rite now, but i cant access External SDcard and there is no video player as well.
    i went to file manager and SDcard says is empty , Video player i have to go to media ?

  • Dr Sesank

    previosuly i done..but its saying E-verification failed….will this one work???????? plz reply

    • Kapil

      You need to have clockworkmod recovery installed.

  • Ved Vernekar

    Will this work with JW4 instead of JVU? Is this update better than AOKP (At present, I am on build 22)

    • Kapil

      Yes, it will work with JW4, just get clockworkmod recovery on JW4. As regards how it is compared to AOKP and all that…. better try yourself and make a backup from recovery so that you can come back to current from and everything if you don’t like it.

      • Ved Vernekar

        Alright, thanks dude! Actually i’m in 2 minds:

        1. JW4 + CWM + AOKP (Build 28) with Aroma Installer 

        2. JW4 + CMW + 4.0.4 ROM (Dark Knight)

        I guess the 1st option will have less bugs….. 

        • Ved Vernekar

          I tried the 1st option and there are a few bugs, first is the keyboard bug. I cannot change keyboards (causes a soft-reboot) so that effectively means no swype for me! :( also the unlock screen has only 2 direct access options (for apps, msgs, etc). Strangely my baseband version is displayed as JVT (i actually flashed JVU & then JW4 followed by CWM for JW4). Waiting for an AOKP version with android version 4.0.4. I guess that should be available in build 30….

          • Kapil

            AOKP with Android 4.0.4 is build 29, it’s already out on Galaxy Nexus and should be available on Galaxy S too, pretty soon.

          • Ved Vernekar

            Cool, do let us know when the next stable AOKP build is out for the i9000! Hopefully it wont have the keyboard bug :D