Android 4.0.4 ICS for Galaxy S i9000


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  • arpit

    Hey my version is I9000DDJV7 root file was working in my phone

  • Boy Wong

    you say wait 5 min,i waiting 1 days already,also cannot.why?

  • Vino

    Hello i did everything what was told to do, but when reaching the 12th step it all went wrong :(

    Whenever i click on the .zip file to install it looks like its going to work but then it says: Installation aborted: and i didnt even touched the phone,,, its really frustrating, please help!

  • KRO

    It´ awesome but, this is old android,anof android camera and mp3 player are sucks…this is only theme of android 4.0.4
    i´m disappointed and back to 2.3.6

  • Waqar

    ITs working absolutly fine..Thnx alot

  • Gagan

    I dont like its look. Original camera of Eclair is good. There are more options in Eclair’s camera. . and It does not show kies connection option..

  • T. Ired

    Manage to unbrick it by installing 2.3.4 together with .pit file …

  • T. Ired

    Installs fine but …

    * Refuses to save APN … As a result, can’t use the mobile as a phone or networking (except via WiFi). SIM works in other mobiles and tablets. Other SIMs doesn’t work in this mobile … Restoring APN from backup don’t work and generate an error (possibly because of being unable to save) …

    * After ca one minute of inactivity, the screen turns black and nothing works (home key, power …), except for a Norwegian Reset (remove battery …)

    * Reinstalling XXJW4 (2.3.6) at this stage causes multiple errors and a never ending boot loop. Error messages relates to “wipe data/factory reset” not working properly. Reinstalling ICS at this point results in boot process stoping at Semaphore screen … Basically bricked … Nice!

  • ravi

    shows kernel semaphore on my screen, no progress, what to do ?

  • Sam

    All went well until step 11.
    After I select the file from the root of my internal SD card I am getting the message:
    “E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted”

    I have tried to download it again but I keep getting this error message.
    Does someone know what to do?


  • eva

    y it doesnt work/.

  • Franko

    everything works, but wifi not detecting.:(

  • Tautvydas

    After installation everything works fine, but I can’t make calls. Everytime shows 19 secs of call duration and then calling ends. What’s the problem? I installed and tried to fix it twice.

  • croatia

    its like having new phone with this rom, super fast, but keeps force closing all the apps, did dalvik cache and fix permissions, factory reset, flashed again and force closing still appears…. please help, love the rom

  • dafuq’s going on

    how can you put your sim contacts in the contact list in the phone itself? it didnt ask if i wanted to do this when i inserted the sim card.. help? :

  • wajid

    hello kapil i want to run ICS in my samsung glaxy s i9003 plz help me what should i do

  • dafuq

    This is fake, it’s just XXJVU + theme and stuff + extra features and shit

  • harshaqtr

    everything goes fine except when the phone ones…it says encryption unsuccessful and asks for the phone for factory reset..I do that and the S logo and kernel logo never go off …please help?

  • lin

    Kapil, i got problem when installing ics. i follow the steps but after the phone reboot the warning encryption unsuccessful and ask to reset the phone. i click it and the phone stuck with the kernel and galaxy s logo. i removed and reinsert the battery and do recovery mode (wipe cache, wipe data) and reboot back but now only galaxy s logo appear. i installed back xxjw4 by odin but it seems still. Please help me..!

    • thoda peyo

      just put both files in external sd card …… than slct file named like that … cm9 ..nightly sonething …. thn yes install …… than again apply update form sd card ……. this time slect file named gapps ics

  • harshaqtr

    hello kapil…I previously had official 2.3.3..then i upgraded firmware to 2.3.6 xxjvu(in which mobile data stopped working) and then to the official 2.3.6 xxjw4(with the hope that mobile data bug gets fixed)…but unfortunately the mobile data still doesn’t work….now i don’t know if rooting xxjw4 and upgrading to 4.0.4 as mentioned in this site would help my mobile recover from the mobile data bug?reply soon..thank you :)

  • Warren Strong


    Been following a lot of tutorials off this site – AWESOME STUFF. Everything has worked perfectly so far.

    Right now i’m stuck with the fact that the download link to seems to have vanished..

    Anyone know of an alternative download location?

    • Warren Strong

      Can anyone confirm that this is the right file –


    • Warren Strong

      Regarding this tutorial

      I’ve reached step 4 – installed 2.3.6 and installed CWM. Everything is working except that my phone appears to not recognize SIM…

      Is there another modification I need to get this working? Or a setting? Or is this something specific to my mobile carrier?

      Settings show GT-I9000, 2.3.6, I9000XXJW4 if it helps

    • sal

      just search on google download
      and u will find many alters

  • TheEvilNeo

    Hi man…THANX!!!..It was simple to upgrade from ICS 4.0.3 and although I had 1460mhz on my old version and only have 1000mhz max on ICS 4.0.4 it is MUCH Faster and more responsive.

    Just one problem though, when I do TV out, The picture on my Panasonic Plasma and my friends old Tube telly is as though its not quite tuned in.
    I see some movement when I operate the phone but the picture is `zig-zaggy` and a funny sound too..
    Might be the lead but its brand new. (although cheap off ebay)
    Any workarounds???
    Apps perhaps or some kind of update??
    Any help will be sooo soundly Appreciated as TV-Out is why I upgraded!! lol

    Thanks again for a Sweet Rom
    PS…. How can I extend the cpu frequency back up to 1460mhz cos it ran it fine..(gaming with the back cover off!!! LOL)

  • kof

    After flashing this from, I faced duplicated data, song n photo. How to figure out this problem?

  • Adi

    working perfectly …pulse notification led not working but is faster than 4.0.3… Thanks!!

  • Priya Jain

    How to remove the Search Bar from the HomeScreen?

    Tried disabling Google Search but it’s still there :(

  • Gian

    How long does it take the ROM to install? the kernel semaphore logo?

  • roy

    hey kapil. its said that i have lack of space. so what i have done i moved some apps to the usb storage.
    that solve it but now it come back again….. i moved another apps again and that didnt solve it.
    what should i do???? can i disable that icon? or do something else????
    thank you

  • buba

    does it work on s2?

  • buba

    does it work on s2?

  • Awais

    Camera Application Crashing…:S:S
    Please do something…

  • Bassem

    after installing I9000XXJW4_I9000OXAJW4_XEU then I followed the step as it is I can not conect to my gmail account and to Google play (google market) although I can do from the internet browser do you have an idea whats wrong

  • Brazz

    I have installed this and everything seemed to work fine until i tried using my data network. I have entered all the saved configuration but still it doesn’t work…..what could be wrong here? Also i cannot even retrieve saved contacts from sd card or even import from SIM….Somebody please advice

  • Awais

    Hi there,

    I have installed the gallary of previous version i.e. Stock Gallary with I9000 but it is force closing and not getting albums properly. Installed it from this:

    Can anyone help me???

  • kof

    I install zip beat audio but when i reboot system, it can’t boot just. Then i remove the battery and boot into recovery and do wipe data but still cant boot. Any help please.

    • Kapil

      You’ll have to flash the rom again then to restore all of its files back, some of which got replaced by beats audio.

      • kof

        It worked after I flashed xxjw4 again. Anyway thank u very much. If I install ics 4.0.4, do I have to wipe cache and dalvik? I am not sure for this. Please.

  • Jasmeet

    no connection
    wats the use of a phone without calling feature
    In India

    • Warren Strong

      Same issue here

    • mayank

      remove your battery and sim than install again …. this will work

    • DIVY

      guy you need to replace your sim card…same prob was with me….was fucked up and then tried my sim (new)
      nad its working now:D

  • bardobangis

    u know what! discard all the negative comments out there! i’ve been using this rom for about a month now. just follow the exact procedure given from the orginal developer page! this custom rom rocks! it does what it says.. fast, easy and stable! android 4.0.4 at it’s best! PUTANG INA ASTIG!! m/

  • Kof

    Now I am on 2.3.6 xxjw4, so do you mean I don’t need to follow step 3 and 4? After reading the posts here, I have found that there are 2 possible problems (force closed app and no mobile network) when flashing ics 4.0.4. Therefore, are there any useful solutions to these problems? Now I hesitate to do it.

  • Maan

    after the installation process it showed to factory reset .. and i did that .. and then my phone started to reboot .. but it is stuck in the restarting .. any help ?

    • Kapil

      Hey, are you still stuck with it. let me know if you are, will be quick to help this time.

      • ohare

        i got the same problem . I’m stuck in rebooting and it keeps showing the Kernel Semaphore logo , please help !!!!

      • Nitin

        Kapil can you please help? after following the exact steps, the installation starts and then gets stuck at the Kernel Semaphore Logo. Please help….

        • Nitin

          Ok, here is what I did… removed the battery and again went directly to recovery mode and 1. Wipe cache, wipe data/factory reset, and then install again. After that it was a smooth sail :) very happy that i installed this one.. it so far working great… ofcourse I drained my battery from 71% to 51% in the installation process… would check for two three cycles before deciding on battery drain.

  • Awais

    Hey! Thanks a bunch. It is working fine so far. Can you please tell me from where I can get applications like Maps??

    • Kapil

      Download from Google Play (Android Market, that is).

      • Awais

        I didn’t find any. Further I got its APK from my motorolla Xoom using wifi explorer. Installed it and working fine so far.

        So far I wana report an issue i.e. Sometimes camera application crashes if I load it from lock screen.

  • roy

    just flash it. works fine but then i get force close on all of my apps….
    i clear dalvik and did fix permission from the recovery and it just come back again :-(
    i flash the rom again all over and its still doing it again after an hour or so…
    what should i do????

  • roy

    just flash it. works fine but then i get force close on all of my apps….
    i clear dalvik and did fix permission from the recovery and it just come back again :-(
    i flash the rom again all over and its still doing it again after an hour or so…
    what should i do????

  • The Boss

    Thethering switch off automatically when i turn it on… Why it does’nt work?

  • slaj76

    Hi there i flashed this rom and liked it very much ,but 2 days after i faced to force close almost all the apps even launcher (facebook, gtalk, game apps like fragger) ……want to stay on this rom , what should i do?

    • Kapil

      Reboot tor recovery mode and do ‘wipe dalvik cache’ under advanced. Then also do Fix Permissions from there. This should fix it.
      If it doesn’t fix it, you gotta go factory reset from recovery mode, but this will delete contacts, apps, etc. (nothing on sdcard, though).. so make appropriate backup before doing a factory reset.

  • bardobangis

    i just installed this.. so far it works nicely. everything is fine and no issues. i installed this using psyqiq guide in xda. then i flash the google apps link from this guide. works fine! m/

  • Worldgame26

    Everything is fine just one small problem my battery level went from 100% down to 90% in literally one minute and from there it went down to 89% 87% and counting way to quick. btw my battery was working perfect right before the update to 4.0.4 i was running 4.0.3 before. 

  • Siddharth Chobe

    I followed all the steps and everything is working fine except main feature.. calling. My cell is not coming on mobile network. I tried doing a manual search of networks. It is showing me networks but when I try to select the one, it is not allowing to connect to the network.
    Please help!

    • Sauravpatel89

      i am having the same problem…. and after that i want to go back to xxjw4(2.3.6) but i cant do that… now i am really upset.. what to do dont know….
      please help me guys ….. i am having no any phone so i really my phone working…. please help me…..

      • Kapil

        What’s the problem with going back to xxjw4? Should be easy… just go to download mode and follow our guide on xxjw4 installation.

        • Sauravpatel89

          bro i have done all the steps step by step for many types for going back to the xxjw4 but it nothing happened.. only restarts everytime……..
          the odin software shows succesfully done on lappy but after flash when phone reboots there shows a error message(E not found type)…
          but when i went again for ics then phone starts very comfortably…….

  • Khaled

    You Said ”
    Wait for around 5 minutes for the first boot” 
    And  it took 15 min and still making this weird start any Help ?
    Bored From waiting 

    • Kapil

      I think you gotta flash the rom again. Do factory reset from recovery and then flash the rom again.

      • Khaled

        You mean to Repeat Step 11,12  again? :)

        • Kapil


      • Khaled

        Thanxxx Alottttttttt It Works Now :))

        • Kapil

          Okay… cool :D

          • Khaled_webas95

            Okay Everything is great but there is no Fm Radio?

          • Kapil

            Try an app from Google play store.

  • Jaypaeab69

    works perfectly..!!! thanks.

  • Marx3

    Hello, I installed Play Google but does not work well as a solution that? thanks

  • Marx3

    Hello, I installed Play Google but does not work well as a solution that? thanks

  • Boris Gruzman

    poor GPS performance… takes for a while to get satellite fix and then it is very unstable…
    going back to CM9 – ICS 4.0.4

  • Tobi

    This is VERY BAD! It is a JVU ROM not JW4! I’ve been stuck in a bootloop. Gee Thanks!

  • Petulo Seban9

    Bad :-( aroma build 28 much better

  • M_A_elSyofi

    Is it support for Arabic Lung. ?

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      ICS is supposed to have inbuilt Arabic support, but not sure if this would have it by default.

    • Ahmed Elshaer

      Did you try it?
      Does it have arabic support?