Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Update for AT&T Captivate Glide – I927UCLG9


It’s a time of firmware leaks for AT&T variants of different Samsung devices it seems. After a firmware leak for the AT&T Galaxy S3, an Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) firmware has been leaked for the physical keyboard powered AT&T Captivate Glide. AT&T is yet to officially release the Android 4.0 update for the device, so people eager to try out ICS can flash the leaked firmware to give it a spin as ICS is quite a major update over the now-aging Gingerbread.

The guide below will help you flash the firmware – UCLG9 – on your AT&T Captivate Glide. Keep in mind that since this is a leaked firmware, they may be a few bugs here and there (though it should be stable and good for everyday use). Also, this will not increase the binary flash counter on the device as it is an official firmware.

Read on to find out how you can update your AT&T Captivate Glide to Android 4.0.4 with the UCLG9 firmware.


This guide below is compatible only and only with the AT&T Captivate Glide. It’s not compatible with the Rogers variant of the device. Check your device’s model in Settings» About phone.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

How to Update AT&T Captivate Glide to I927UCLG9 Firmware

  1. [Important!] This procedure will wipe all your data, and will also format your internal SD card (but will not touch external SD card). So make a backup of everything. Use this Android backup guide to know how you can backup your installed apps and app data, then copy the internal SD card contents to a computer (which will include the backed up apps).
    NOTE: Don’t forget to at least make a backup of your APN settings, which you can restore later if your data connection does not work after installing the ROM. Use the backup guide to find out how.
  2. Download and install the drivers for the phone on the computer.
    32 bit (x86) Windows |   64-bit (x64) Windows
  3. Download the firmware.
    Download I927UCLG9  |  Filename: I927UCLG9_OneClick.exe  |  Size: 664 MB
  4. Turn off your phone. Then boot into download (odin) mode. To do so, hold down the Volume Up key and pressing the Power key once.  Release the Volume Up key when you see the options screen. Press the Volume Up button one more time to enter Download Mode.
  5. Double-click on the I927UCLG9_OneClick.exe file to open the Odin flashing program.
  6. Then, connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable and wait for Windows to finish installing drivers. Odin will say Added!! in the message box on the bottom if the phone is detected. If not, make sure the drivers are installed and also try using a different USB port – preferably a USB port on the back if using a desktop computer.
  7. Now, hit the START button to start flashing the firmware on your phone. When the flashing is complete, your phone will automatically reboot — and when you see the Samsung logo, you can safely unplug the cable. Plus, you’ll get a PASS message (with green background) in the left-most box at the very top of Odin.
    What to do if Odin gets stuck: If ODIN gets stuck and doesn’t seem to be doing anything, or you get a FAIL message (with red background) in ODIN, disconnect the phone from the PC, close ODIN, remove battery, re-insert it, then repeat the procedure from step 4.
  8. In case you encounter any roadblocks flashing the firmware, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

Your AT&T Captivate Glide is now running the UCLG9 Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.4 firmware. Do let us know how it works!

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  1. antharr says: Reply

    It is working like a champ thus far. The only drawback is that the keyboard backlight is not working but that’s minor for me. The battery seems to be improved over any of the Gingerbread ROMs I have flashed. I have been using it for 2 days now and no major bugs have surfaced. The ROMs are going to finally start popping up for this awesome phone now that devs have the drivers they need. I was almost ready to give up.

    You can also gain root by flashing superuser in CWM recovery. Check out XDA’s Captivate Glide forum for instructions on flashing CWM recovery on your device. Superuser can be found here:

    Make sure you download the

    1. Rizzle says: Reply

      I have an unlocked device will this update work for me?

      1. Rob says: Reply

        I’m pretty sure this works for unlocked phones. That’s basically the reason for having the rom, because you can’t update unlocked phones officially.

        1. Rizzle says: Reply

          i installed the drivers but odin doesn’t recognize my phone when i connect it there’s something about mtp not installing 🙁

    2. truestory456 says: Reply

      your better off selling this phone and getitng one without a keyboard if it dosent bugg you..

  2. Rob says: Reply

    Is everyone having the same problem with the keyboard backlight?

    1. truestory456 says: Reply

      yes my keyboard backlight will not turn on after this update i remember GB didnt have this problem..i wish i knew before actually updating they need to fix this asap!

  3. Pieter says: Reply

    Well I have tried updating my android to ICS 7 times now following all of the instructions given and the OS is now a blank screen and nothing more. I have no functionality and the phone is now useless. I would not take your chances on updating your OS until the official release.

  4. Pieter says: Reply

    After trying a few other ‘upgrades’ I can no longer use my phone, which I believe is called bricked. Can someone help me out with this circumstance as I am without a phone and I cannot simply return it to a dealer as it was bought online. Does anyone else have problems with getting a black page dsiplaying a few icons in the top bar only?

  5. Anyone else getting a disconnect error when they end a call? Or how about the call log no longer working?

  6. DanXpensive says: Reply

    Pls @Abhijeet the file you have shared in is not there and it seems the site is not even working, can u kindly give me a better link to download that file of 664mb? cos i can’t access it at all.

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