Android 3.0, the Gingerbread’s Details Leak. It’s More Than ‘Dream Come True’


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  • ArtShapedBox

    None of the current or soon to be expected phones (EVO, Galaxy S, Xperia X10, Driod X, etc.) will be able to take advantage of the higher resolution, as their screens are already fixed in that regard. They simply don’t have the pixels to display it. Very exciting to news overall though, and definitely something I’m looking forward to! :)

    • Kapil

      Thanks for your view… I have updated my post. BTW, I am still optimistic that android phones with 4.0 inch or more screen size will be able to run resoln. of 1280 x 760.

      Keeping fingers crossed for this for my X10.

      • Lucian Armasu

        New 4″ phones that will come directly with Android 3.0 installed will have that resolution. The ones coming before Android 3.0 won’t.

        • Kapil

          Yes, it looks painfully true.