Android 3.0, the Gingerbread’s Details Leak. It’s More Than ‘Dream Come True’

Android Gingerbread

We told you a thing about about Android’s upcoming version 3.0, the Gingerbread. It was meant to be big and game-changing and if the rumors around us are to be believed, it does not disappoint. Not one bit. It is in-fact mind blowing. We know the android world is still trying hard to catch with the latest update ie version 2.2, Froyo and many devices, including greats likes Droid, EVO, etc are still in line to taste it but it looks like the android development team has swore not to rest until they take over iOS in aesthetics, too. And that’s what we heard in the first ever revelation made for Gingerbread, that it will totally redesign the user interface.

Well, the User Interface (UI) will surely be like –never seen before — and it’s said that whole UI will be revamped and will be seen flowing on android device like the gallery app you saw on Android 2.1. Plus, resolution will touch new boundaries promised at as high as 1280 x 760 for devices whose screen stretches 4 inches or more (hello Sony Xperia X10! hello Samsung galaxy S, hello HTC EVO, and hello to upcoming Droid X too). It doesn’t mean that majority of devices with screen size of 3.7 inches are missing from Gingerbread’s roster, it will support them also without the support for above mentioned resolution. The minimum requirement is set at 1Ghz processor, 3.5 inch screen and 512MB RAM.

Yes, for phones whose screen size is below 3.5 inch, Android 2.1/2.2 seems like final destination. But hackers/developers out in the open world (read as forums) know their way, No?

But when it’s coming, you may ask. Well, it’s coming very soon and the initial guess is mid-October, say 15th or 16th. Fine, in fact we did not expect it to rock us so early. Froyo still seems very new like released last week only, as many of us are still waiting for its official release for our android playmakers.

That apart, first chunk of devices pre-installed with Gingerbread can be expected to arrive in November/December. Thus, the holidays will bring more than thought of or can be asked for, to cheer about. Wow, that is the same time we might see Nexus Two or in fact it might be the 2Ghz android phone Motorola is planning, packed with Gingerbread. Can’t ask for more if it becomes true. I will surely save some bucks for that. What about you?

But for that to make happen, Android team has divided itself into two branches. One is ambitiously advancing the development of Android’s version 3.0, the Gingerbread to catch the mid-October deadline while the second one’s job is to maintain relations with Android 2.1/2.2. Fine.

Now we know so much about the Gingerbread — in fact, more than what we would have expected in first round of rumor/leak, ha! — let’s peek into the future and try to find out the fate of existing and upcoming devices/upgrades:

  • Devices we know like like HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant/Captivate, Samsung EPIC 4G (ie the Galaxy S Pro), upcoming Motorola Droid X and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 have an upper hand since they will enjoy all the benefits of the update, including the breath-taking and retina display-breaking resolution of 1280 x 760.
  • Device with screen size of 3.7 inches and boasting 1Ghz processor like HTC Droid Incredible, Google’s HTC Nexus One, HTC Desire, upcoming Motorola Droid 2, etc will benefit from the update, except higher resolution of 1280 x 760.
  • Other devices, whose screen size is lower than 3.5 inch or processor is below 1Ghz will see Android 2.2 as final update on them, until custom UI on the device make up for something similar to Gingerbread, but that will be a hard nut to crack. Right, we can hope from the developer/hackers around the world too, to transport the Gingerbread fully or more likely, partially to these devices.
  • If the Android stock (ie default) UI lifts itself at the core level to the Gallery style we saw and were amazed by in Android 2.1, Eclair then, truly, we can’t expect more than that as far as UI goes. And it practically means death of custom UI, which in fact, of late, were showing their inefficiency in keeping up to date with Android’s development and were rather contributing towards slowing the phone down. Not a concern anymore. We like it.

Now that you know this much (including the minimum requirements) about Gingerbread, re-plan your android phone purchases so that you can hold your head high when mid-October comes and updates begin rolling out soon thereafter.

Have your say heard in comments and welcome to future of smart phones where Freedom is and means Android.

UPDATE: Many blogs and techies in comments are pointing that the update will not be able to bring the higher resolution of 1280 x 760 on existing and upcoming phones we discussed above. Also, it’s said that it is more likely to benefit tablets based on android.

So, it remains to be seen how much existing and upcoming android phones with screen size of 4 inches or more stand to benefit, when it is officially announced by Google.

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  1. ArtShapedBox says: Reply

    None of the current or soon to be expected phones (EVO, Galaxy S, Xperia X10, Driod X, etc.) will be able to take advantage of the higher resolution, as their screens are already fixed in that regard. They simply don’t have the pixels to display it. Very exciting to news overall though, and definitely something I’m looking forward to! 🙂

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Thanks for your view… I have updated my post. BTW, I am still optimistic that android phones with 4.0 inch or more screen size will be able to run resoln. of 1280 x 760.

      Keeping fingers crossed for this for my X10.

      1. Lucian Armasu says: Reply

        New 4″ phones that will come directly with Android 3.0 installed will have that resolution. The ones coming before Android 3.0 won’t.

        1. Kapil says: Reply

          Yes, it looks painfully true.

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