Galaxy Tab 7” getting Honeycomb in few days. No it’s not from Samsung.

Honeycomb Galaxy Tab

The first (and at the moment only) baby of Galaxy Tab family tastes the Honeycomb courtesy “Spacemoose1” from XDA developers (where else!!). The Developer also posted a video of his work for the mortals to enjoy. Link at the bottom.

The development began to port the SDK and was on the right track considering the frequent updates last week but the developer had something special to make our weekend good. He revealed in his update that he was simultaneously working on a “dirty” port and that too is “90%” complete. Here is what he has to say:

For the next several days I am halting development on the full SDK port and will be focused on completing this “dirty” port. (I’m sure it will be as useful as it is on another device that starts with an X and ends with an oom, but it’s still dirty.) With so many people hoping to get a taste of 3.0 I just can’t justify not giving what I have. This will be in the same camp as the N1, Nook and G1 ports, fully functional, but not the final product. It should only take me a few days to get this one up to speed, get it in a package and give it to you.

With such claims and the visual proof we are hoping of a good working port. Do share your excitement in the comments below.

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  1. Steve says: Reply

    Wow…how, where, when?…i would do bodily harm to get honeycomb on my tab (well…almost) just how can I be a part of this momentous happening?

  2. Windweaver828 says: Reply

    Is it just me or does the port in the video seem laggy? Is that only because its under development still or because of no dual core processor? 

  3. Aziz1vohra says: Reply

    Complete that plzzzz.

  4. Gobol says: Reply

    It seems a bit laggy for me too .. I think it’s because of the absence of the dual core processor AND the port is still in development.

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