Android 2.3 Gingerbread for LG Optimus 2X Coming Officially by June/July

Optimus 2X — world’s first dual-core phone — won’t get the world’s latest android software anytime before June/July 2011, so far the official means go by. Sadly, by which time, Android 2.4 (Icecream) might have been already launched by Google at the company’s upcoming I/O event in May, which means even with a Android 2.3 update in June, 2X users can’t simply rests in peace that comes with being on the latest android software. That’s a bit pitiful and we really hoped for the Gingerbread update for the 2X sometime soon — and June/July is, frankly, too far and too inconvenient in the rapidly evolving Android OS world. Samsung’s Galaxy S has already got the taste of Android 2.3.3 via the leaked ROM — XXJVK — and the Droid X from Motorola has gotten an official OTA Android 2.3 update, already.

BTW, although the word is official it is from strange source and by strange means — it’s actually from the LG’s Danish support site who’ve filled up the FAQ section for P990 (that’s 2X’s code name) as regards Gingerbread for June/July. There is no formal announcement by way of twitter or Facebook, so, we hope that this turns out to be not true and LG makes amends to it — by way of April/May update timeframe. Sounds cool but let’s see whether this comes true!

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  1. Para echarse a llorar

  2. david smith says: Reply


    all i know is this i paid around 2-300 dollars less for my dual core optimus p990 than any other dual core including the galaxy 2 and the htc counterparts the lg works brilliantly if a tiny tiny bit buggy at times but it is the most beautiful phone i have ever owned and it is very very cheap compared to the other mentioned its lightening fast beautiful colours and great applications that run very well. i can watch live TV movies TV shows past TV shows the list is endless and the phone itself is wonderful complain all you want i thought that when it said gingerbread update available i would buy the phone and update it immediately i did not know much about android operating systems  and did not realise that every one had to be tailor made for each phone but you know after all this 2-3 hundred less and a great great wonderful beautiful device i can wait for the gingerbread update infact the longer we wait the better the operating system will be but you are right in some ways release some form of it and bug fixes later like all operating system suppliers do except of course for apple because they never make mistakes like a funny antenna for a phone we wont mention like recalling these phones. these phones are a modern miracle imagine the people who design them and then the companies that make the circuit boards then the software then the then the the list is endless me i am old i love this phone i like the looks the feel the weight i like samsung too and apple but this one i can afford without feeling guilty i can buy it minus gingerbread and it is a marvel of modern technologies who cares about the operating system if ice cream sandwich or honeycomb comes out so be it who knows LG might surprise you/us all instead of gingerbread 2.3 LG may release gingerbread/ice cream sandwich (it has got a bit confusing lately) or to simplify 2.4 and  skip 2.3 all together its a long shot i know but hey this phone with its nvidia chip will probably be able to run up to Honeycomb so for me as old and out of it as i am this phone will last me another 8 years like my nokia 6110 navigator did and yes i still keep the navigator because Lg in their infinate and unknown reason went with a non proprietary navigator which is also a disappointment but hey one last thing this phone is like magic to me and i love it ……………………………..thanks for reading 


    1. Kapil says: Reply

      hello, thanks for sharing your views with us. Yes, LG Optimus 2X is indeed a great phone, which you can also say for every smartphone around if you just plainly look at what cellphones can do these days. unless you compare it with phones like S2, it’s a good phone — no doubt abt that.

      I hope you enjoy every time you use it till you use it.

      We will let you know if it gets Android 2.3 or Android 3.x or 4.x anything, stay in touch.

      Thanks for visiting our blog. Enjoy!

  3. HAHA my ass… lg announced me that (when i spoke on the phone with them) that 2.3 coming in october/november… 

  4. Weakass says: Reply

    well LG still did not come out with 2.3… slow is processing thats the reason its slow in sale tooo hahahah…lol

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