Android 2.3.4 for Xperia Neo, Arc, Play and Other Xperia Phones Rolling Out

Update for Xperia Neo


Good news for the Xperia folks, if you have a Xperia Neo or any other device from the series you will soon be able to upgrade your Xperia device to Android 2.3.4. Sony has done an incredible job here by releasing the update officially in a timely fashion.

Neo users can upgrade their phones right now as we speak. We expect the upgrade to be available soon for other Xperia devices as well, that means you smartphone just got smarter — albeit by version 0.0.1 (you already had 2.3.3, right?)

What this upgrade will do for you? Well, the v2.3.4 update will bring video Google Chat, a new 3D panorama camera feature, a swipe text input system, screen capture and further enhancements to Facebook inside Xperia.

The update is currently available in the Nordic countries right now but next month the update will be available to devices all round the world (atleast that’s what we expect).

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  1. Albasa86 says: Reply

    bro, you should check the source, it says its for neo mt15k not for xperia arc 

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yes. We know it. But the point is, it was available for Arc too.

      Download PC companion from SE’s website it you don’t have it, and try updating your arc. If SE has launched it in your region too, you’ll be on Android 2.3.4 soon.

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