Android 2.3.3 Galaxy S ROM XXJVK leaks

Earlier this month, Samsung’s first Android 2.3 ROM for galaxy S was leaked, called XWJV1, with Android 2.3.2 underneath. Now, we’ve just got our hands on the Android 2.3.3 (that’s only 0.0.1 up but holds the title of the latest android version for phones). The new leaked ROM’s called XXJVK and below are the two download links we found for the ROM.

  1. This XXJVK ROM includes bootloaders and is thus considered even more RISKY. File Name – GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK_Sbl.exe. MultiUpload Download Link. File Size – 146.72 MB.
  2. This XXJVK ROM doesn’t include bootloaders and is therefore, not that riskier as the one just above it. File Name – GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK.exe. MultiUpload Download Link. File Size – 146.5 MB.

The difference between the names of two file above is of “_sbl” (present in file no.1) apart from the difference in size.

BTW, the ROM is also available on with two links, both of but with same size — so, we really can’t guess which one has bootloaders in it and which doesn’t have it or both of them might be just the same — although it doesn’t make sense — because file size of both the links is same — 158.5 MB. Yes, it’s not same size as that of both MultiUpload files above.

So, once again, if you’re looking to flash your Galaxy S (version i9000 only) with the XXJVK, the second link above of size 146.5 MB looks the winner to us.

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We wont be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Need proof of existence of Android 2.3.3 on Galaxy S, just look at the screenshot at the top.

Via XDA Developers

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  1. so far so good for me. batt life has certainly improved. before this i was on darky’s and my batt life barely survives half a day. usually even when i’m not using it, i’d be losing 5% in an hour. now i noticed 1% last almost two hours! other than the odd tiny lag, everything is pretty smooth.

    and thanks so much for your guides, certainly easy to follow 🙂

  2. Harsha says: Reply

    Well I Also Agree With You. Very smooth and Fast ROM. But Are you Noticed your ambient light detector, Compass, GPS, and Accelerometer is Working or Not? i also installed this JVK ROM last Monday. my all sensors are not work so i downgraded to DDJP6.

    My ROM Now DDJP6 with RyanZa s OCLF(One Click Lag Fix) Better and Smooth. Quadrant Marks DDJP6-1009 / JVK 2.3.3 ROM 1015 / But After installed OCLF marks go to 2096. No Batt Drain its only change your File System,,,,Thanks RYANZA ….

  3. Sammy says: Reply

    Does this have finnish language? i propably need to flash cause cant get kies 2 working.

  4. GameR says: Reply

    Samsung Kies works only with TouchWiz launcher. Since MIUI ROM doesn’t have TouchWiz Launcher, Samsung Kies will not work with it. if someone can find a way to make Samsung Kies sync with MIUI ROM enabled Galaxy. Please share it.
    Thankyou (:

  5. NickA says: Reply

    I installed this 2.3.3 ROM today. I can say only one – perfect! I even did not think that Galaxy S can work so fast without lags! PERFECT! I did not backup any data and apps so I also reinstalled them again after ROM upgrade. Remember – after flashing ROM you will lost all data if they are not backed up but who cares if you need just contacts which are stored in Google. No problem with network (WiFi and 3G works even faster!). Looks like even GPS works faster now. Do not think or even try to compare to 2.2 just install this 2.3.3 and enjoy!

  6. Ali says: Reply

    I have a problem after i flash cm7 initial kernel and boot to recovery, format /data /system /cache and the flash miui rc3, when i restart the phone gets stuck at samsung logo, recovery doesn’t work i can go to download, i used ezrom as base…

    any ideas what i am doing wrong…

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Make this sure that you’re not pulling the battery out when switching from download mode to recovery mode after flashing CM7 kernel. otherwise, you can flash darky resurrection ROM and use this as a base and follow the steps again. Good Luck!

      1. Ali says: Reply

        i am not pulling battery between download and recovery after flashing cm7 initial kernel i am just pressing volup+home+power till i see samsung logo the difference with the video which you have in your miui installation page is that after i see smasung logo there comes another logo with cyanogen mod under galaxy s logo. I think there is something with the initial kernel, but i tried flashing bilboa’s kernel after without restart but nothing changed just gut stuck at logo screen.

        I tried darky’s resurrection it’s the same, after i flash i go back and reboot and my phone does not go past the samsung logo screen (waited for 10 min. and nothing) and i cannot go to recovery also, i can go to downoad mode and tried to enter recovery from there but it did not work.

        I have run out of ideas think that my phone does not want miui 🙂

        1. Kapil says: Reply

          That cyanogen logo shoudn’t appear. Something’s wrong with that. Are you sure you’re using the same kernel as given by us? I mean, just in case you had other CM7 kernel on your PC and by chance you’re using that.

          Btw, try this too. Use darky resurrection as a base and then follow all steps as they are but flash RC1 in place of rc3/rc2. You can flash rc2/rc3 later using miui’s recovery but lets hope it boots this time. Good luck!

  7. Can this ROM be installed on an unlocked US Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant?

  8. Sanjeev Gupta says: Reply

    I have installed 2.3.3. By and large, it is good But free RAM down by about 40 MB compared to 2.2.1. That may be true because of much wider language support (about 40 plus compared to 52 that we heard of originally. However, Hindi is still missing. Can anybody help me in getting Hindi in this ROM? Google Maps (5.30) also is somewhat erratic with this ROM. It keeps waiting for location and necessarily requires GPS or Wifi to be enabled for ocation to be pointed out. It does not give approximate location based on cell towers.

  9. Wesam El-Maksoud says: Reply

    Hi mates,

    I need some help here. After installing this version the battery now drain too fast so I had to charge the phone (Galaxy S) not less than twice a day!!! And it now takes even longer time to fully charge the phone and and it never reach the 100% and stuck at 96%!!!! Any advice please??

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Hey, XXJVK was a leaked beta Android 2.3.3 ROM, of which, final release is now out. It’s XWJVB and you cna find the installation instructions here —

  10. somik says: Reply

    I am new to flashing android phone. Tried installing Android 2.3.3 by following the guide. What i did was:

    1. Read the text first to understand the steps.
    2. Watched the video of the flashing.
    3. Read the text again and followed what it said with my Galaxy S I9000.

    Result: Holy F**king Sh*t! It worked! No errors, no bugs, flawless with even the swipe keyboard and Touchwiz (i was sure i wont have those after the upgrade!)

    Thanks a lot for the simple to understand tutorial!

    PS. I followed the ROOT guide aswell. Needless to say, it worked aswell!

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