Android 2.1 Now Available for Motorola Cliq. Finally!

Motorola Cliq Android 2.1 Update

Motorola’s Support site just made a bunch of Moto Cliq users — who hadn’t given up till yet — an obvious reason to smile as the company updated its aging to Android 2.1. We know, update to Android 2.1 isn’t very much a talk of the day but ask any Cliq users, how glad he is to hear this.

Launched with Android Version 1.5, the Cliq’s users will now be able to enjoy all the looks and UI greatness Android 2.1, Eclair comes with. Let us tell you that update will eat up 40 MB of Cliq’s internal memory and that it’s complete with MotoBlur. Though the update took a very long time coming, 11 months to be exact, it still matters.

It shows Motorola still cares for an old phone even if they aren’t selling anymore. That means a lot in the android world where phone updates have become quite an issue and affect purchase decisions. Naturally, the Company who cares and updates its phone to the extent possible is favored and it should be.

On that note, it’s still very surprising to us how long Samsung is gonna take to update it’s very popular Galaxy S android phone and family devices to Android 2.2, having launched them back in July and promising update within months. Sure, leaked Android 2.2 ROMs are out but they only show how much work is pending. Poor work from Sammy’s software team, eh!

Via Android Community

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