Alt Mounter — Mount SD Card/Mass Storage on Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs and Firmwares Too!

Android 4.0 brought a surprising feature or change or whatever you want to call it. Google removed the option to mount the internal SD card as a removable disk on the computer (you can still mount external i.e micro SD cards as removable disk), instead opting for MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). This was partly due to the fact that mounting as removable disk makes the SD card unavailable on the phone as long as it is mounted. However, being part of the Windows Media Framework, MTP works well only on Microsoft Windows but not on Mac OS X or Linux. Even on Windows, MTP is quite slow and mounting the phone on the computer can take a while.

Meet Alt Mounter, an app that works on your phone as well as on the computer and mounts the phone in MTP mode nearly instantaneously. It dual mounts the internal SD card so that it’s accessible on both phone and the computer. It’s only available for OS X for now, but the developer will be porting it to Windows and Linux if there’s a demand for it. Windows users don’t have that much of a need for the app, but for OS X and Linux users, it will be very useful.

So, if you are running OS X on your Mac/Hackintosh PC, head over to the official development page to download the Alt Mounter app. Remember to download both the phone app as well as the OS X app as both are required for Alt Mounter to work. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and let us know how it works for you.

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