Android Backup and Restore Guide: Backup SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Apps, Data or Full System


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    WOW!!! 5*****
    The best info ever! Keep up the good work!

  • Rush Montana

    Thanks for the Detailed post… Perfect… :-)

  • Android Apk File Download

    Wow…. thanks for great post to select me the best backup and restore android app

  • Jas

    which one to use for saving data from a soft bricked phone before flashing stock ROM to un-brick it? For this phone currently no data backup done at all anywhere.

  • steven

    Great thread! Thank you for sharing!
    I know another Android data recovery tool, Myjad Android SMS Recovery, it focuses on recovering only messages from Android phone. Simple and Neat.

  • BeloSol

    Just what I need, and title says, “Android Backup and Restore Guide”.

    But, which Android version? Did I miss it? Not in the title, and a browser search on Gingerbread, through the entire article, gives no hits.

    Wish I could search for Jelly Bean, but after a week of ‘hacking around’ on my new phone — and trying to figure out why some methods were inexplicably not working — I discovered the manufacturer ‘faked’ the Android version :-( . The Easter Egg image gave it away … Zombies !!

    I’m an Android/Linux ‘noobie’, but I do know that some backup methods are version-specific (e.g., Holo). Looking forward to a reply, and what you see above explains why I think it’s important that I and others know, before spending lots-and-lots of time carefully going through the right steps, maybe with the wrong version !

  • vivek sinha

    Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post.
    root android,,.

  • Beth Frauenknecht

    I have Backup Pro — my phone is not rooted, and it did back up my app data. Not sure how, bu tit did! I even spent a lot of time typing the data (note everything is the app) in case it was lost, but it was all there. Which brings me to the second thing wrong you said — that it wouldn’t restore to another phone, but it did! I had to get another LG spectrum because the battery charger port was going bad, so I did a back up and restored to the new phone — worked great!

    • Rick

      “my phone is not rooted, and it did back up my app data. ”

      I think you’re full of shit. Clearly a paid (or the dev) entry.