ADW Launcher EX Android App: It’s the best home replacement app for your Android Phone


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  • Maggy Parker

    i love this application’s graphics. i m really impressed.

  • landon joe

    i tested it it works so great, a new look for your android..this one is so cool

  • Koowie

    Looks really interesting. We’ll take a look at it.

  • Sho_nuff1997

    What is that clock widget that says ‘half past six pm’? mClock?

  • chad

    are you indian? I notice you are running Tat Docomo…

    • Shivam

      Yep! You got us right. We’re Indians.

      Where are you from?

  • Mark

    What theme are you using in the images above?

    • Shivam

      Sorry, I can’t help. Those screenshots you’re seeing above are actually taken from the developer’s page. So, only he can tell.
      Here’s the link –