AdBlock Plus for Android now available in Play Store

adblock plus

If you’ve used Mozilla Firefox, you’re no doubt familiar with AdBlock Plus, the popular ad-blocking extension. AdBlock Plus has now released a version for Android smartphones, and the app is up on the Play Store.

Mobile ads that are featured within the browser, or mobile apps, push notifications etc, especially with free apps, can be pesky and irritating  For Android users, the only way to get rid of these, was to have a rooted device. AdBlock Plus will now let even users with stock devices enjoy an ad-free experience – for the most part. The functionality may vary depending upon which version of Android you use. Here’s a brief rundown, quoted from the download page:

PLEASE NOTE: Adblock Plus might have limited functionality, depending on the Android version on your device and whether your device has been rooted:

Rooted: Blocks ads over Wi-Fi and 3G
Non-rooted with Android 3.1 or later: Blocks ads over Wi-Fi
Non-rooted with Android 3.0 or earlier: Some manual configuration is required. Please visit our website to learn how to setup your own proxy
Also, Android does not allow ads to be blocked on SSL encrypted websites.

AdBlock Plus is an open source, community driven project, and that  means that it will only keep getting better and better. If you’re tired of that ad banner on the top right of the screen, intruding on your view of the perfect shot in Angry Birds Star Wars, hit the download button below to get AdBlock Plus for an ad-free mobile experience.

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