Acer Could Announce a 7 inch Android Tablet

acer android tablet

We aren’t totally surprised by the idea of an Android Tablet by Acer but the rumors that it could be launched soon, is quite intriguing.

The company has been evaluating its options for quite a long time now, the last thing we heard was the postponement of plan till Google launches Honeycomb (android 3.0).

But it seems the unexpected success of Samsung Galaxy Tab — whose sales figures are pegged at 600,00 devices in just 1 month — has caused the revival of plans. While nothing is known about the tablet as of now, but take it as a guidance, the CEO of the company did unveil a tablet back in May, that looked a bit similar to Amazon Kindle’s design and had a physical qwerty keyboard below its display.

Acer might let the world know more about its Android Tablet plans in US at the event tomorrow in New York. So, hold on tight, we’ll bring you whatever Acer has in offer.

If the Acer indeed announces a tablet, we’re quite sure it’s gonna feature 3G, since Google denies access to android market to tablets without a data connection.

BTW, who among you would be interested in yet another 7 inch android tablet, even with a qwerty keyboard? Wouldn’t it be just better if Acer goes a bit big on screen size, about 10 inches? If you remember, LG too is planning an android tablet, called the LG pad, around 8.9 inches of size. Surely, year 2011 seems hypnotized for tablets!

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