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3 Best Android Keyboard Apps for people with Big Fingers


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  • http://www.maxikeys.com/ Hardy Henneberg

    I released MaxiKeys (http://www.maxikeys.com) on Market last month. It is designed for ‘big fingers’, and other people having troubles with small keys and a limited keyboard.

  • Sheila

    I downloaded lots of different keyboard apps trying to find one that was most like the 12 keys on my old LG phone but none compare to the SoftKey app I just downloaded last night. It’s free and it lets you size the height of the keys. I’m absolutely loving this keyboard app!  It’s accurate, and fast. I recommend it for anyone looking for a keyboard similar to a 12 button keyboard. You’ll love it :D

  • 2dawgzy

    someone make a decent big key keyboard plz ffs…. none of this crazy layout!! just ABC DEF etc 

  • http://twitter.com/JustLikeAmmy JustLikeAmmy

    Someone contact justlikeammy@gmail.com if you know where I can download slide keyboard from this post. Such a generic name… can’t find it hosted anywhere, just results for the SlideIT keyboard.

  • http://twitter.com/JustLikeAmmy JustLikeAmmy

    The link for Slide Keyboard is busted….I wanted that one!

    And @Kamal hatim — this post is directed towards people with large fingers, and Swype is horse shit for those with big digits.

  • Kamal hatim

    Have you tried the swype keyboard, it is amazingly fast and easy to use.