3 Best Android Keyboard Apps for people with Big Fingers

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  • 1.1. MessagEase
  • 2.2. Slide Keyboard
  • 3.3. (EvenBetter) NumberPad Keyboard

Those of you who got large hands with big fingers and thumbs (quite naturally!) might be facing a problem with touch based keyboard ubiquitous today in almost every smart phone. So, what would be the best thing for you guys so that you can write easily on the phone’s qwerty portrait screen?







Well, there are developers who’ve given this problem a look and have come up with some decent android apps. We have handpicked some of them below which we really think will help you guys a lot. Try them out and let us and the humble app makers know whether they are upto or there still exists a big gap?

1. MessagEase

MessagEase Android App

MessagEase QR CodeTouted as the fastest keyboard for android by its developer, Exideas(perhaps you’ve heard it many times before elsewhere too), the keyboard lets you type easily with the 9 keys provided and letters so arranged (in their own patented way) so that you can write conveniently with single thumb/finger. You do need to a practice a bit (just!) to get used to it, but once you’re done playing, you’ll feel typing convenient, and maybe, bit faster too, if you and the developer share same typing skills!

The video below shows how easy it is with MessagEase android app to type conveniently.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android 2.1 and higher.

MessagEase Video Tutorial for convenient typing with big fingers and thumbs!

2. Slide Keyboard

Slide Keyboard Android App

Slide Keyboard QR CodeWhile the MessagEase keyboard above had only 9 smart keys, what about a keyboard with similar (in a limited way, only) style and 12 keys. Quite convenient but again, only after you get a hold of it. Plus, with 12 keys spread out on the whole screen, it’s not easy now to use it with only one finger/thumb or just single hand. But anyways, it’s a must try if you’re still stuck with large fingers and small screen size. Just touch the hey and swipe in the direction of the letter inked in there to type the intended letter. It’s always easy once you get used to, so you will need to practice a bit to get the best of this keyboard. Plus, it got some decent list of other features too.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: All android versions.

3. (EvenBetter) NumberPad Keyboard

EvenBetter NumberPad Keyboard Android App

EvenBetter NumberPad Keyboard QR CodeIt’s a bit costly app which will decrease your wallet’s wealth by $3.99 but provides a T9 keyboard — we were quite used to in pre-touch screen era. It’s good if you just want the T9 keyboard with features like next word prediction, etc. which almost all keyboards today offer, including the Slide Keyboard mentioned just above. Moreover, what spoils its cost (and the app itself) further is that even your default keyboard most probably has a decent T9 keyboard the this app offers! So, do check out that before you hit the payment button in the market.

Cost: $3.99

Compatibility: All android versions.

We hope the above keyboards help you type conveniently (if not fast!) with big fingers/thumbs. Let us know if you’re large hands are fed enough or are still hungry.

BTW, a little advice — albeit a costly one to you — next time you purchase a smart phone, try to settle with big screen phones like:-

  • HTC EVO: Screen Size 4.3 inch and width 66 mm
  • Motorola Droid X: Screen Size 4.3 inch and width 65.5 mm
  • Samsung Galaxy S: Screen Size 4.0 inch and width 64.2 mm

The bigger screen size (measured diagonally) and greater width will help the large hands a lot in typing.

BTW, to activate these keyboards once you’ve downloaded them from the market, follow the steps below:

  1. Get to the home screen first.
  2. Go to Menu> Settings> Language & Keyboard
  3. Tick the keyboard you wanna use to select it and hit Okay for warnings/alerts.
  4. Now, next time you get to type, the keyboard you choose will pop up

Hmm, if the above method seems long, just long press on the box (where you intend to write, like in the chat or message apps) to get a pop screen titled as “Edit text”. Hit the “Input Method” option therein to get the list of all keyboards installed in your phone. Select the desired one and begin typing.

That’s it. Let us know whether it helped and how much, really?

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  1. Kamal hatim says: Reply

    Have you tried the swype keyboard, it is amazingly fast and easy to use.

  2. The link for Slide Keyboard is busted….I wanted that one!

    And @Kamal hatim — this post is directed towards people with large fingers, and Swype is horse shit for those with big digits.

  3. Someone contact justlikeammy@gmail.com if you know where I can download slide keyboard from this post. Such a generic name… can’t find it hosted anywhere, just results for the SlideIT keyboard.

  4. 2dawgzy says: Reply

    someone make a decent big key keyboard plz ffs…. none of this crazy layout!! just ABC DEF etc 

  5. Sheila says: Reply

    I downloaded lots of different keyboard apps trying to find one that was most like the 12 keys on my old LG phone but none compare to the SoftKey app I just downloaded last night. It’s free and it lets you size the height of the keys. I’m absolutely loving this keyboard app!  It’s accurate, and fast. I recommend it for anyone looking for a keyboard similar to a 12 button keyboard. You’ll love it 😀

  6. I released MaxiKeys (http://www.maxikeys.com) on Market last month. It is designed for ‘big fingers’, and other people having troubles with small keys and a limited keyboard.

  7. Blair says: Reply

    I tried a lot of apps for locking installed apps not none of them was able to do so. But LEO Privacy solved my purpose. Its really awesome. Loving this app.

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