25 Awesome Live Wallpapers For Christmas

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Hi Folks! Here’s a list of 25 awesome live wallpapers to theme your android device for Christmas. If you’re new and do not know how to set live wallpapers on android then have a good look at the short tip I’ve written below. Enjoy!

A small tip for beginners:

Download and Install the live wallpapers from the download links given below each wallpaper.

— To set a live wallpaper — Go to Home –> Menu –> Wallpaper –> Live wallpapers


— Hold your finger on any empty space on your phone’s home screen –> A pop up screen will show up –> Select Wallpapers –> then Live Wallpapers

Under Live wallpapers section you’ll see all the live wallpapers you’ve installed on your phone.

1. Xmas Glory Nite Live Wallpaper

Xmas Glory Nite Live Wallpaper

Download link

2.Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper

Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper

Download link

3. Snowfall Full Live Wallpaper

Snowfall Full Live Wallpaper

Download link

4. Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free


Download link

5. Christmas Eve Live Wallpaper

Christmas Eve Live Wallpaper

Download link

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  1. Terry says: Reply

    Why this (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HappyNewYearLight) live wallpaper do not added?

  2. woody says: Reply

    There’s another wallpaper with nearly 200 wonderful Christmas Images and sparkling effects: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.pimpdroid.wallpaper.xmasmoodfree 🙂

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