$2.99 Costing Max Payne for Android Released!


Max Payne – one of the most famous third person shooter game for PC and consoles – has finally arrived on Android and is now available on Google’s Play Store for a very low price of $2.99.

Max Payne is famous for bringing the bullet time effect to games, a form of slow-motion that was seen in the Matrix movies. It also features graphic novels to tell the story, instead of animated cutscenes. It went on to become a huge hit and spawned two sequels, one of them just recently released. So the prospect of playing the old but still popular Max Payne game on Android excited users, and now the game is out for every one to enjoy on their Android device.

Max Payne for Android can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store (formerly Android Market). Bear in mind that the game requires an in-game data download of around 1.3 GB, so you’ll probably be unable to return the game within the 15 minutes refund window. But chances are, you’ll love the game and probably won’t want to return it.

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