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17 NEW Arcade and Action Games for your Android Device


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  • Diezel Amps

    This place is awesome, I like what you’re doing here. Keep them coming.

  • Narcissistic

    Just to say hello, great site, I like reading your stuff.

  • http://www.dinosaurplanet.net RedToasty

    “Straight from one of our favorite game makers – Gamevils”

    Curious :) Shimpocalypse was 100% Dinosaur Planet, thanks for the mention in the list though!

    • http://www.dinosaurplanet.net RedToasty

      Thanks for the swift correction! :)

      • http://theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Phew! I can only hope you’re not angry :)

        BTW, great game, let us know if you got any plans for the holiday season.