Root and Unroot T-Mobile G2 and Desire Z with Mr. Root Tool

It’s always a nice thing for users when developers come up with easy root methods for various devices, as it simplifies the otherwise usually complex rooting methods. Easier and faster is always an added advantage in everyone’s books, so being able to perform functions such as rooting without too much hassle is always welcome.

HTC Desire Z and T-Mobile G2 owners, meet Mr. Root. Mr. Root is an all-in-one developer tool for the Desire Z/T-Mobile G2 by XDA member xmc wildchild22 that lets you root and unroot your phones with a simple automated script, and much more to make your time with your device as easy as possible.

Here are some of the features of Mr. Root:

  • Root and unroot
  • Check for OTA firmware updates
  • Change font on phone
  • HTC Sense Bloatware removal
  • Change Bootanimation
  • Enable Ad-hoc tethering
  • Explore and make changes to phone using Android File Explorer

As you can see, Mr. Root is a great tool that puts an array of different modifications and hacks for the Desire Z/T-Mobile G2 in a single easy-to-use application. Head on over to the original development thread to get more info and to download Mr. Root on your computer. Share your thoughts on the tool with us in the comments.