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  • anthony909

    I think comparing any Android tabled to an iPad 2 based on a spec-sheet is flawed logic, its more about the experience than clock speed and ram.  If the iPad 2 can run buttery smooth on a lower clock speed and with less ram than what does it matter?  This will not only drive down production costs, but also have a drastic increase in the battery life which no Android tablet can come close no as of now.

    • Kapil

      That’s right — specs don’t mean much if the user experience isn’t good. That’s why I never said Xoom is better than iPad but tab 10.1 certainly is if you prefer Android. With Galaxy S 2, Samsung has proved there is an Android phone that’s smooth like hell, has wonderful battery life and doesn’t lag one bit.

      It’s a belief that every android phone lags and same has been the view for tablets too. But Tab 10.1 is a cool tablet — it doesn’t lag at all and the Android 3.x honeycomb’s UI is quite impressive too — i’m not comparing with iOS but it’s cool, that’s it.