Get $100 Off of any Android Tablet at Staples Store – Just Show this Coupon!

If you’re planning to buy an Andorid tablet and have Staples Store near you selling your fav tablet, just walk into their store and show this coupon (the image above, print it) to them — you’ll get $100 discount off the normal price, chargeable to those who didn’t-know-this. What’s more, you can go again next day and purchase one more tablet for $100 lesser price. Great, but you simply can’t buy more than one tablet in one day using the $100 discount coupon. But it’s still the best deal, right!

In case you’re confused between which tablet you want, let us say something. If the Galaxy tab 10.1 is available, you can safely pick one of these. Tab 10.1 is really fast and extremely light and thin, bests iPad 2 easily when it comes to spec-sheet. That said, the second choice would be Asus Eee Pad Transformer which is next best android tablet (better than Xoom too) and although the specs are similar to Tab 10.1, it’s a not as thin as Tab 10.1, not as light weight as tab 10.1, and is a larger device for the same screen size of 10.1 inch — but hey, that’s the case with android tablet when thrown against Tab 10.1. Further, Asus transformer is better than the rest while being cheaper too. Moreover, Asus has already let us known that the latest Android 3.2 is coming soon too.

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  1. anthony909 says: Reply

    I think comparing any Android tabled to an iPad 2 based on a spec-sheet is flawed logic, its more about the experience than clock speed and ram.  If the iPad 2 can run buttery smooth on a lower clock speed and with less ram than what does it matter?  This will not only drive down production costs, but also have a drastic increase in the battery life which no Android tablet can come close no as of now.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      That’s right — specs don’t mean much if the user experience isn’t good. That’s why I never said Xoom is better than iPad but tab 10.1 certainly is if you prefer Android. With Galaxy S 2, Samsung has proved there is an Android phone that’s smooth like hell, has wonderful battery life and doesn’t lag one bit.

      It’s a belief that every android phone lags and same has been the view for tablets too. But Tab 10.1 is a cool tablet — it doesn’t lag at all and the Android 3.x honeycomb’s UI is quite impressive too — i’m not comparing with iOS but it’s cool, that’s it.

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