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  • Android Nougat bugs and issues and their fix: services crashing, bootloop, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disconnecting, etc.

    Nougat bugs fixes

    Are you experiencing odd behavior with your Nexus device after installing the Android Nougat update? The issues could be anything like your Nexus restarting repeatedly after some time, or apps giving a force close, or services crashing. Well, there’s got to be something wrong with the installation, which is causing all the problems and issues you […]

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  • Double Status Bar icons on Android Nougat

    fix double icon Nougat

    Are you seeing two icons in the status bar? Are you not drunken? No? Well good, then this is indeed an issue with Android Nougat. An issue that has shown up before too in Developer Preview builds, and was fixed at that time too. Many people are indeed shouting about double icons in status bar: double […]

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  • Wileyfox Swift Nougat update under testing already?

    Wileyfox swift Nougat update

    The latest Geekbench listing for the Wileyfox Swift shows the software version of the device as Android 7.0, dubbed as Nougat. BTW, because the Swift runs on Cyanogen OS, the 7.0 build would also mean that a CM14 build based on Android 7.0 is near ready, even though it seems too soon practically. Given that LG already has […]